Since 1971 Model Mugging is the most proven and realistic self-defense training program based on applied research.

This original system is a comprehensive, full force self-defense and crime prevention program.

Model Mugging is NOT a martial art. For almost 45 years this martial science system has applied scientific training methods that provide practical experiences for students to successfully deal with real world threats.

Life changing!  Self-defense is just one of the many benefits of the Model Mugging System. Lives are positively changed in less than 20 hours of intense realistic self-defense training taught in a safe and supportive setting. Sexual assault is a life changing event and this personal defense course provides survivors of assault another method to assist in healing.

Model Mugging Self-defense can reduce the chance of assault by 95%. Students are more aware of criminal methods and the experiences of the training empower them to take appropriate actions to avoid potentially harmful situation.

Stop An Attack Before It Happens

  • Female and male instructor teams work in a supportive environment
  • Learn through realistic scenario based self-defense training
  • Practice full-force physical and verbal rape defense techniques against a padded assailant
  • Understand the dynamics of sex crimes and sex offender typologies
  • Develop the mindset to use personal safety, intuition, and fighting skills effectively
  • Use the power of voice and body language for boundary setting and de-escalation strategies
  • Learn to use fear and experience the power of your body
  • Self-defense for women course structure is sensitive to trauma survivors
  • Personal defense classes are taught under small group instruction
  • Most thoroughly researched rape prevention and women self-defense classes
  • An empowering experience!