More Than Self Defense

Since 1971 Model Mugging is the most proven and realistic self defense training program based on applied research.

As the original full force self defense system, Model Mugging is the most comprehensive personal safety and crime prevention program available.

Model Mugging Self Defense is NOT a martial art. For almost 45 years this martial science system has applied scientific training methods that provide practical experiences for students to successfully deal with real world threats. Martial science methodologies accelerate the learning potential for each student individually and as a small group.

Life changing!  Self-defense is just one of the many benefits of the Model Mugging empowerment self defense system. Lives are positively changed in less than 20 hours of intense realistic self defense training taught in a safe and supportive setting. Sexual assault is a life changing event and the Model Mugging personal defense course provides survivors of assault another method to assist in healing and then thrive in life.

Model Mugging Self Defense can reduce the chance of assault by 95%. Graduates of Model Mugging self defense classes are more aware of criminal methods and their experiences from their training empower them to take appropriate actions to avoid potentially harmful situation.

The Paradox of Self Defense has been proven by Model Mugging self defense graduates for decades as they have avoided dangerous situations without using their physical fighting skills. The paradox of self defense shows, “The more prepared you are to defend yourself, the less likely you need to fight.” Our basic self defense course graduates gain personal experiences from fighting back through Adrenaline Stress Training that decreases the need to fight from self confidence.

Stop An Attack Before It Happens

  • Supportive designed women’s self defense program
  • Female and male instructor teams work together in a supportive environment to teach self defense
  • Learn through realistic scenario based self defense training
  • Practice full-force physical and rape defense techniques against a padded assailant
  • Understand the dynamics of sex crimes and sex offender typologies
  • Develop the mindset to use personal safety, intuition, and fighting skills effectively
  • Use the power of voice and body language for boundary setting and de-escalation strategies
  • Learn to use fear and experience the power of your body
  • Self defense for women building a course structure sensitive to trauma survivors
  • Personal defense classes are taught under small group instruction
  • Most thoroughly researched rape prevention and women self defense classes
  • Develop realistic options for avoiding danger and fighting back
  • An empowering experience!

Model Mugging Self Defense Program

Empowerment Through Self Defense

View Our Options for Personalized Self Defense Instruction
Self Defense Training Offeredknee to head Model Mugging self-defense

  • Basic Self Defense Course for Women  – Most recommend empowerment self defense course
  • Self-Defense Workshops –  Basic womens self defense classes separated into segments
  • Advanced Self-Defense Course – Addresses armed and multiple assailants
  • Crime Prevention Lectures and Short Self Defense Courses – Educational personal safety seminars
  • Self Defense for Girls – Age assessment for girls self defense class
  • Teenage Self Defense – Ages 13 to 15 self defense class
  • Self Defense for Children – Protecting children from danger
  • Men’s Self Defense Course – Full force weekend self defense class for men
  • Model Mugging Self Defense Instructor Training Certification
  • Hosting Self Defense Training or a Seminar

About Self Defense

Topics About Self Defense provides self defense information to help you determine what the best self defense training might be for you.

About Self Defense – Self defense information

Why Model Mugging Self Defense? – What makes the Model Mugging self defense program different?

Self Defense for Women

Self Defense for Women – There are many factors involved when teaching women’s self defense classes

  • Supportive Designed Self Defense Program – Nine facets of self defense support
  • Personalized Self Defense Instruction for Women – Personal self defense training
  • Feminine Empowerment – Empowerment through self defense
  • Women Co-Instructors in Self Defense Training – Female self defense instructors are essential
  • Emotions and Self Confidence – Dealing with emotions builds self confidence during self defense training
  • PTSD and Self Defense – Working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder within self defense classes for women
  • Progressive Self Defense Training – Reality Based Self Defense Training (RBSD)
  • Gentle Art of Conflict De-Escalation – Conflict resolution through self defense classes for women
  • Crime Prevention and Physical Self Defense Training – A comprehensive self-defense curriculum

Martial Science

Martial Science synthesizes many separate specialty fields of science and professional studies into the mind-body-spirit integration for fighting back against an assailant. Some of the aspects of martial science applied to self defense training include:

  • Evolution of Martial Science – The origins of martial science in self defense training
  • Padded Assailant – Using protective body armor in self-defense training
  • Muscle Memory / Operant Conditioning – Self defense conditioning and improving performance
  • Beware of Outdated Self Defense Methods – Self defense research
  • Four Steps to Self Defense

Choices in Self Defense

Choices in Self-Defense can involve many considerations that may assist you in finding a compatible method that will help you take charge of your personal safety:

  • Assess Your Self Defense Training Objectives in womens self defense classes
  • Time Commitment for Learning Self Defense – Training time for self defense
  • Defending Your Time and Money – How much do womens self defense classes cost?
  • Weapons, Gismos, and Gadgets – Personal safety devices for self defense
  • Quick Fix Items for Self Defense – Devices for self protection
  • Pepper Spray for Self Defense – Pepper spray for self defense
  • Mace for Self Defense – Mace for self defense
  • Kubaton for Self Defense – Kubaton self protection considerations
  • Mini-Flashlight or Torch – Mini-flashlight/torch self defense devices
  • Key Self Defense – The Key to self defense protection tool
  • Firearms for Self Defense – Firearms pros and cons for self defense
  • Personal Safety Alarm for Self-Defense – Self defense noise makers for personal safety
  • Physical Fitness, Fighting, Fun, or Fad – Self defense classes and physical fitness
  • Combative Sports vs. Real Fights – Fighting sports compared to self defense
  • Types of Self Defense Training – Best self defense training for you?
  • Self Defense vs. Martial Arts – Martial arts for self defense or fighting?
  • Short Self Defense Courses – Short women’s self defense classes
  • Reality Based Self Defense Training Programs Are NOT All Alike – Padded armor self defense courses
  • Increasing Self Defense Options – Options for personal self protection
  • Self Defense Instructor Team – Male and female self defense instructor team
  • Custom Self Defense – Customized your self defense training

Self Defense Philosophy

Five Principles of Self Defense©

  • Principle I – Crime Is an Emotional and Physical Problem
  • Principle II – Options for Self Defense
  • Principle III – Preparation for Self Defense
  • Principle IV – Mind-Body-Spirit Are One in Personal Safety
  • Principle V – Awareness in Self Defense

Self Defense Testimonials

Self Defense Testimonials – The most common testimonial from Model Mugging graduates: “This course changed my life!”

  • Self Defense Testimonials
  • Personal Testimonials from Self Defense Course Graduates
  • Self Defense Success Stories
  • Success Rate of Graduates Fighting Back
  • Overcoming Fear – You Can Do It!
  • Self-Defense Articles about Model Mugging self defense training