Advanced Self Defense Class

There are two Model Mugging women self defense programs.

1. Basic Self Defense Course focuses on a single unarmed assailant.

2. Advanced Self Defense Course focuses on armed and multiple assailants.

Advanced Self Defense Course

Participants are required to be graduates of the Basic self defense course. The foundation is laid in the Basic women’s self defense course that allows for efficient self defense training in the Advanced course for self-protection against armed and multiple assailants.

Self-Defense Against Armed Assailants

rape defense against gun

Model Mugging student applies her skills against the padded assailant in a scenario portraying an armed rapist with gun.

Women are usually the targets of unarmed assailants. Acquaintance rapists occasionally use weapons, but the majority of rapists using weapons are strangers. Abusive partners occasionally use weapons to intimidate and in times of extreme emotional turmoil will use a weapon against the woman they claim to love so much. Men are more likely to be assaulted by a weapon-wielding assailant.

Just because an assailant has a weapon does not limit your options, although your options may change. Timing the counterattack with physical accuracy becomes more critical. The same skills, strategies, and movements learned in the Basic course apply seamlessly only to be simply modified for self defense against armed assailants.

Self-Defense Against Multiple Assailants

rape defense against gang rape

Model Mugging student applies her fighting skills against two padded assailants in a scenario portraying a relocation or kidnapping attempt.

Some women are the victims of gang rape. It is likely most members of group assailants would not have the courage to carry out such acts by themselves and would only commit criminally sexual behavior under the anonymity of the group. They attack victims as a means for group interaction and competition; victims are simply their prizes of entertainment. If attacked by a multiple assailants, compliance will most often lead to rape multiple times over. Fighting for your freedom can emerge as a viable option.

Women taking the advance course often find this portion of the course exhilarating. The course energy level peaks as women learn to fluidly move and free-flow strike as well as using one assailant against another. When women learn the basic self defense skills, defense against armed and multiple attackers, they naturally adjust the self defense techniques already learned.

The Advanced self defense course for women are less than 20 hours that can be broken up into various weekly intervals or the preferred single weekend. Advanced Self Defense courses are taught on demand. If you would like to be placed on our notification list, contact us:

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