Basic Self Defense Training Courses for Women

Turn Fear into Power during a Weekend!

“Extremely empowering… I feel extremely prepared.”
New Model Mugging Graduate

Female Self Defense for Women Instructors

Female self defense instructor coach students during each fighting scenario.

Basic Women’s Self Defense Classes

The Model Mugging® basic self defense training course is progressively taught during a single weekend, or it may be split into two consecutive weekend days. We have found the two day full weekend personal defense classes to be very effective for women, especially those with busy schedules.


Learn Self Defense in a Weekend

Course Description

Developed in 1971, Model Mugging® is the original Adrenaline Stress Training course and is the most copied full force self defense program. Model Mugging is derived from analyzing thousands of crimes, a thorough literature review, interviews with predators and survivors that applies the Five Principles of Self Defense©:

  1. Crime as an emotional and physical problem
  2. Viable options
  3. Preparation
  4. Unified mind, body – spirit
  5. Awareness

We apply the knowledge of predator typologies into fighting strategies and tactics to include vocalization, assertiveness, boundary setting, verbal negotiation, identification of predator weaknesses.

We show our students how to use weaknesses and strengths for option selection and application, self-evaluation, realistic physical skill development during realistic full-force rape defense scenarios.

Only when using all the senses will education and training result in lasting attitude changes.

Day One: Basic Women’s Self Defense Training Class

Consequently, students are taught from a martial science background of greater applied research to develop options through realistic experiences.

Students psychologically reduce inhibitions about striking full force and begin to develop their fighting spirit and the selection of appropriate options through realistic experiences.

Students experience how the Five Principles of Self Defense© develop into realistic strategies for personal awareness to deter and counter behavioral patterns of criminals who commit crimes against women.

Students continue to develop assertiveness as they practice verbal de-escalation and negotiation, boundary setting, and refine their physical skills against our Padded Assailant for self-protection.

Student receives instruction during first fight in Model Mugging Basic self defense course.

Student receives instruction during first fight in Model Mugging Basic self defense course.

  • Foundation Needed for Full Force Fighting
  • Mindset for Fighting Back
  • Crime Prevention Pyramid
  • How Crime Is an Emotional & Physical Problem
  • Criminal Mindset
  • Origins of Predator Motivations
  • Boundary Setting & Conflict De-escalation
  • Full Force Scenarios against Padded Assailant Attacking from Behind

Day One covers the Five Principles of Women’s Self Defense to include awareness strategies taking into account the behavioral patterns of criminals, dynamics of sex crimes, situational recognition, personal behavioral assessment, methods to identify vulnerability, countermeasures available, and more.

The achieved goal is student psychological preparation to reduce inhibitions that improve the fighting spirit. The foundation of physical skills is established in preparation for locking the skills into muscle memory.

Day Two: Basic Women’s Self Defense Training Class

Building upon day one, day two focuses upon the dynamics of sex crimes and predators’ behavioral patterns. Students apply their new knowledge about predator typologies to assess assailant’s weakness and strengths during Adrenaline Stress Training. Each student applies their accumulated knowledge and physical skills against our Padded Assailant, especially when boundary setting and conflict resolution are ineffective.

Student defends herself against the padded assailant in the Model Mugging Basic women's self defense course.

Student defends herself against the padded assailant in the Model Mugging Basic women’s self defense course.

  • Dynamics of Sex Crimes
  • Four Phases of Assault
  • Rapist Typologies
  • Drug Facilitated Sexual Assaults
  • Options for Women
  • Legalities of Defending Yourself
  • Full Force Scenarios against Padded Assailant When Attacked Lying Down
  • When Boundary Setting & Conflict De-escalation Does Not Work
  • Full Force Scenarios against Padded Assailant from the Front

During realistic full-force sexual assault scenarios, students learn how to maximize a self defense advantage while exploiting their attacker’s vulnerabilities. Students develop realistic self-evaluation to leverage viable options during an attack. With natural, automatic expression of, mind, body and spirit, students develop the ability to choose the most effective self-defense response during a violent situation. Their self defense skills become reflexive, and their new self-confidence carries over to other aspects of life.

Course Outcomes

  • Explore and resolve fears about being attacked in a street crime, with successful options.
    Students supporting each other during after one completes her personalized scenario with the padded assailant.

    Students supporting each other during after one completes her personalized scenario with the padded assailant.

  • Find empowerment through our progressive teaching strategies, which naturally develop effective, free flow fighting skills – skills that become embedded into your body’s long-term memory.
  • Learn how to leverage options that you may not have previously known.
  • Discover the benefit of learning what it is like to really hit and kick an attacker – and do it safely.
  • Walk away with the skills, confidence, and practical experience of full force training against a single, unarmed attacker.
  • Learn how to channel your fear into strength.
  • Turn fear upside down and become empowered by it

The Model Mugging Self Defense Advantage

  • Over 45 years of applied research and experience.
  • Each self defense course has small class sizes and low student to teacher ratios ensure the best self defense training is achieved.
  • Our maximum class size is 16, which ensures a high teacher to student ratio that achieves the best self defense training available.
  • To insure safety, classes are customized to suit the personal needs of each student.
  • Model Mugging provides a comprehensive rape prevention program that also addresses issues related to intimate partner abuse and dating violence.
  • Practice scenarios are individualized to develop each student’s special physical and emotional capabilities and maintain an individual and group supportive setting.
  • Graduates continuously declare that Model Mugging, “changed my life!”

The Basic Women’s Self Defense Course is a comprehensive course that teaches students how to use their strengths against an assailant’s mental and physical weaknesses and how to solve personal safety concerns related to fear of being attack, street crimes, dating and domestic violence.

Call Today and Register for a Workshop Near You!

Call Today and Register for a Workshop Near You!


Empowerment is achieved in a variety of ways by the end of the day. Our progressive teaching strategies naturally develop effective free flow fighting skills and foster the fighting spirit for rape defense and crime prevention.

Self Defense Class Women Basic Self Defense Kick to Head

Model Mugging women’s self defense student successfully fights off the padded assailant finishing the fight with a kick to the head.

The Basic Women’s Self Defense Course may also be divided into a five session workshop format that allows participants the flexibility in taking the complete basic class over time. Each workshop is specific to the types of attacks women are commonly confronted. Each workshop covers information relative to establishing the context in which the skills would be best applied and developing the mindset to use the skills most effectively. Throughout the course students apply the information learned and physical skills through Adrenaline Stress Training using the padded assailant.

The basic women’s self defense class is a comprehensive empowering program that graduate testimonials continuously say positively CHANGED THEIR LIVES!

Find other scheduled basic self defense classes or contact us if you would like to host a seminar or full course in your area.


Two graduates who found the power of how to effectively use fear during the Basic course.

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