Hosting Self-Defense Classes or Training

Hold a Self-Defense Course in Your City

We can bring a self-defense course to your city. Model Mugging women’s self-defense classes can be tailored for your group and taught at a convenient location for your group. Self-defense classes can be offered privately to a group or open to all registrants. Classes can be tailored to age, gender, and special needs.

Course length and topics of concern can be modified to accommodate your situation at a convenient location. We recommend that female students be sixteen years or older, but class outline and format can be altered for younger ages or maturity.

Because Model Mugging self-defense techniques are geared toward real world street violence and issues surrounding violence, sexuality, relationships, and strong emotions, we strongly recommend that students sixteen and seventeen years of age be accompanied by their female parent or guardian; for more information regarding student age please see our page on self-defense classes for girls.

Group Size: Minimum group size is 10 women. Maximum group size is 16 women.

Course Length: Our standard Model Mugging self-defense course is taught over the course of one weekend, but classes may be taught over other time periods and durations:

  • Saturday and Sunday – 8:00am to 6:30pm. Alternate course times and days that accommodate specific group requirements include:
  • Fri/Sat/Sun (i.e. Friday – 6pm to 9pm, Saturday – 9am to 7pm  & Sun – 10:00am to 6:30pm).
  • 4 hours per day or evening for a 4 to 5 week duration.
  • 3 hour introductory Workshop & Crime Prevention seminar for groups of 10 – 20 women.

The Facility of Your Choosing Should Include:

  • Floor covering (no hard surfaces such, as wood or concrete unless inter-locking gymnastic mats are provided). Carpet with padding is acceptable. Depending on location, we can provide inter-locking floor mats.
  • Approximately 45 square feet (15 meters) of open space should be accessible. Ample floor space is required for students to maneuver freely and safely during training exercises. If students desire a graduation event to demonstrate their learned fighting skills to family and friends, space for invited guests to comfortably sit is required.
  • Additional space to arrange chairs in a semi-circle during presentations is preferable.
  • Windows should have coverings that obscure outside distractions.
  • One unobstructed, light colored wall (preferably white) on which to project PowerPoint and video presentations. Adjustable (dimmable) lighting is ideal. Visual dynamics aid student learning and helps build the “winner’s mindset”.
  • To help build student camaraderie, the facility should accommodate enough space for the entire class to sit and eat lunch together. Going out for lunch is not recommended, as it negatively impacts time.

Tuition is inclusive of all costs: Model Mugging basic/standard 2-day weekend course is $450 to $500 per student which can vary depending on location due to travel expenses that we include within tuition. Group rates, customized courses, and alternate locations influence per student cost. View Promotion Flyer: Model Mugging 2 Page Promotion Flyer.

Contact Us for more information or to find a class near you or call 800-590-4687.

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