San Francisco / Bay Area Self Defense Classes for Women

“Extremely empowering… I feel extremely prepared.”
New Model Mugging Graduate

The ORIGINAL Full-Force Adrenaline Stress Training Since 1971

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Master Calender of All Classes:

  • Learn Full-Force Self Defense in TWO Days!

    Self Defense Workshops for Women

    • You will strike full-force to the padded attacker!
    • Practice with NO Restrictions!
    • Life Changing Experience!
    • Learn to Realistically Fight Back!
    • Turn Fear into Power!

    Women’s Full-Force Self Defense Weekend Workshop

    Our Self Defense Training Class Weekend is a comprehensive program based on extensive applied research with 45 years of experience, and organized upon the Five Principles of Self Defense©.

    Our Self Defense Training Class Weekend graduates gain personal experiences from fighting back through Adrenaline Stress Training that decreases the need to fight by instilling self confidence and control. Read more about our Self Defense Training Class Weekend here.

    Women’s Introductory Rear Attack Workshop

    Female Self Defense for Women Instructors

    Fighting full-force in an adrenaline state.

    Our 4-Hour Introductory Rear Attack Workshop develops the foundation for fighting full force in an adrenaline state. The workshop creates the mindset for fighting and overcoming inhibitions about realistic self protection.

    The Introductory Rear Attack Workshop is the first part of our Self Defense Training Class Weekend and concludes at lunch break.

    You will strike full-force to the padded attacker!

    Why Model Mugging is the Best Self Defense System for Women

    • Use the Power of Your Fear
    • Apply the Five Principles of Self Defense
    • Decades of Crime Analysis and Research
    • Realistic Options in Adrenalized Conditions
    • Original Full-Force Training System
    • Practice Without Restrictions
    • Best equipment allows full-force strikes to padded attacker’s head, groin, etc.
    • Small – Safe – Supportive Class Sizes
    • Personalize Your Scenarios
    • Short – Intense – Comprehensive
    • Realistic – Options – Empowering
    • Time Efficient and Cost Effective
    • A Life Changing Experience!