Glamour Magazine – February 1995

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glamour magazineBy David Shepard

He gets beaten up for a living.

Over the past 22 years, Matt Thomas, 44, founder of Model Mugging, has taught 6,000 women how to defend themselves against attackers. During the training, in which Thomas poses as the padded assailant, he wears a 60-pound suit of body padding and an enormous, black egg-shaped helmet.

knee to groin fitnessNonetheless, he has been knocked out 19 times, had six fingers broken and suffered numerous broken ribs. We talked to him about the punishment.

What does it feel like inside the suit?

Hot! My core body temperature goes up to 105 degrees and I lose seven to eight pounds of fluid a day, which I replace with Gatorade.

What about the physical abuse?

I hate it. I hate being kicked in the head. I know I’ve suffered brain damage and I value my brain over anything else.

So why do you do it?

1995 mtA woman black belt I knew was raped by an unarmed assailant. I realized that even though she was very good in competition, it was not like the street. Then a year later, my lover was raped. I felt so helpless. Model Mugging for me is also a way to honor my mother, who was very courageous.

I do this because I believe in the right of women to live free from fear.

When asked if Model Mugging was a great way to meet women? If a guy just wants to meet women, he should take up ballet.


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