Self-Defense Instructor Training and Certification

Self-Defense Instructor Course

women self-defense instructor certification training

Female Model Mugging Instructor demonstrates techniques.

Model Mugging is the most developed self-defense and crime prevention program available. Model Mugging Self-Defense is not a diluted curriculum to “crank out instructors” based on martial arts techniques, but rather we provide a dynamic program based on first source research. Model Mugging is a Role Model Mastery program that will help you assist others experience a life changing journey.

As the original full-force scenario based self-defense program, we will share over four decades of scientifically proven instruction methods and strategies.

We will train you and your partner, or team, the principles of martial science and sensitivity surrounding a group supportive system when teaching women, men, and children self-defense.


Three Steps to Model Mugging

Self-Defense Instructor Certification

  1. Take the Basic Self-Defense Course
  2. Instructor Training
  3. Co-teach with Instructor Trainers

Model Mugging chapters are proprietary, but provide networking and share new concepts and methods for instructing and marketing. Sovereignty avoids politics, logistics, and gives freedom to instructors to teach as many women as they can without any “strings attached.” You do not have to teach it exactly like we do. Each instructor teaches to his or her strengths, but seeing the big picture of the Five Principles of Self-Defense © is critical to instructor comprehension and obtaining the desired student performance and proficiency.

self-defense instructor certification training

Male instructor candidate fighting back against the padded assailant.

Step 1: Take the Basic Self-defense Course from the Student’s Perspective is the first step. Your team members get the opportunity to experience the course from the students’ perspective, which is divided into two days.

Step 2: Instructor Training Session takes place after you and your partner have gone through the basics course as a student. In between teaching the very first class and before we co-teach together, we show your team the details about the dynamics of the system and perform actual exercises on how to wear the padded assailant equipment safely and realistically; how to teach while wearing the equipment; what to look for when coaching; motivational and psychological elements involved in training women to fight; rape trauma syndrome pertaining to the course; criminal typology and realistic character portrayals; and also thoroughly answer any of your questions.

Essentially we take the System of martial science apart during this instructor training session and put it back together into a Basic Course outline you feel most comfortable teaching. We assist you in developing your course structure and specific context. Anticipate about two days. We will also provide a variety of other training techniques you may want to chose from and implement into your program.

Step 3: Co-Instruction with Instructor Trainers. This phase is when we co-teach the next basic course with your team using the outline you have developed during instructor training. After that, you and your team are on your own! You will need to enhance a class on your own within three weeks of completing your last co-instruction class to secure your position on the learning curve. Then we can share more advanced ideas through correspondence and video. We want you to be most successful. Our success as trainers is predicated on your success, and especially your students’ success in avoiding danger!

We can assist you in our women’s self-defense certification program. Providing women’s self-defense training to others is a rewarding experience!