Self Defense Reflections

Reflections on Self Defense

The Model Mugging Self Defense Course provide each student a pathway to travel on their hero’s journey.

Each student attends to their journey of introspection whereby they work through many emotions and memories. This often starts during the basic self defense course that can touch many trigger points, but the course also allows us to change endings, develop options, new self-awareness, and a potential for new beginnings in life. Sometimes these reflections are discovered at the end of the class or years later.

Self Defense reflections are personal accounts of graduates who express the powerful outcomes about how the course has impacted them.

This is our graduates’ web page to share their reflections in self defense, empowerment, and personal safety.


INSTRUCTIONS: After our intense weekend, we would be honored if you might share your reflections on your experience along your Model Mugging Journey. This is creative time to express how you feel now and how you felt the before, during, and/or after your journey.

You may express your personal self defense reflection within a poem, draw a picture, or just a written description. Please email or mail your reflection to us so we may give you credit that may also inspire others to take the journey toward empowerment.

Personal Self Defense Reflections
A Journey of Empowerment

Tracy – Seattle Model Mugging Self Defense Graduate:

“I’ve had a bit of slow time at work and home over the past few days, and during that time I’ve had an opportunity to reflect on just how much my life has changed since I took the Model Mugging class five months ago. I can honestly say that since taking the class, not a day has gone by that I haven’t found a new layer of inner strength. I just want to thank you for all of the incredibly important work you do through Model Mugging.”


Sasha H. – Poem written the day of her Denver Model Mugging Self Defense Class

Opening my glazed over eyes,
I observe the chaotic atmosphere around me.
Empty pill bottles cover the night stand,
Cracked vodka bottles spill from the closet,
My diary lays empty wishing for thoughts.
How did it get to this?
Where did my life go?
My hands tremble uncontrollably.
Unwavering Depression.
This day needs to change.
I need freedom from this cage of violence.
I pray for strength.
Every second,
Every minute,
And every hour.
I try to figure out who Sasha is.
My anger has been chained to my manipulator,
Until today, I felt sorrow that enveloped my veins.
But now I feel power, grace, and beauty.
I have begun my new life.
I am reborn.


Christi – Poem Written the Day of Class

Fighting through it All
More Tears
More Memories
More Fighting
Bring it Up and Out
Fighting Through to Light
Fighting Through to Freedom
Fighting through to Life


Arielle – Poem Written at the End of Class

Fight and Flight

Like a baby bird learning how to fly.
In the beginning we’re children making an effort try.
We’ll rise and we’ll fall.
We’ll try and we’ll ball.
But in the end, the black fades to white.
We’ll learn and we’ll gain sight.
And in three days time, we’ll take the flight.
Transformed into different women.
Who know how to fight.


Ashley – Poem Written at the End of Class

Something I never thought I had.
Strength to defend myself.
My family.
My friends.

Into a situation that required it.

Such a beautiful thing.
Could be thrown
Into the abyss

I learned.

Something I’ve always had.
Something that was hidden.