Self Defense Training Courses and Workshops

Self Defense Training Classes

Self Defense for Women

Introductory workshop teaches Model Mugging students basic self defense to grab from behind.

Our five Self Defense Workshop Series is based on researching thousands of assaults against women.

Our self defense workshop format gives students flexibility in taking the Model Mugging Self Defense Courses.

Each self defense workshop focuses on a specific category of attack that women are commonly confronted with, while also establishing the context behind crimes against women.

The self defense categories are:

  • Rear Attacks
  • Ground Reversals
  • Boundary Setting

Self Defense Full-Force Scenarios

Self Defense Training Women Workshop

Student with padded assailant in full-force scenario.

Our martial science self defense training is much more than teaching a group of physical movements.

Model Mugging Self Defense Workshops are smaller segments of the basic course that follows the Five Principles of Self Defense© . Each workshop addresses the context in which sexual assaults occur with necessary countermeasures practiced during full-force scenarios.

Each self defense workshop builds upon information relative to establishing the total context in which the skills would be best applied. Over the five-class curriculum, the workshops simultaneously develop the mindset to use the skills most effectively.

Each self defense class culminates in applying the information and physical skills through Adrenaline Stress Training using the padded assailant.

Self Defense Basic Workshops

There are Five Basic Self Defense Workshops that cover the skills needed to deal with basic self defense against a single unarmed assailant.

Armed assailants and multiple assailants are addressed in the advanced self defense course/workshops.

The skills taught are developed from martial science and not grouping likable martial arts techniques. The Introductory Class (Rear Attack 1) is a prerequisite for any of the following self defense workshops. Tuition for each of the five self defense workshops varies from $70 to $100 depending on location.

Workshop 1: Rear Attack 1 – Introductory Class

women self defense workshop

Student yells “No” during grab from behind scenario taught in Rear Attack 1 – Introductory Workshop.

Rear Attack 1 is a 4-hour self defense workshop that develops the foundation for fighting full force in an adrenaline state.

The workshop establishes the mindset for fighting and overcoming inhibitions about self-protection. The Five Principles of Self Defense and Four General Options for Women are also described.

This introductory class applies the physical skills in full-force fights against a padded attacker from a rear attack.

This class is the prerequisite for the other four Basic Self Defense Course Workshops.

Workshop 2: Rear Attack 2

Self Defense for Women

Student applies elbow strike to the padded assailant’s face taught in Rear Attack 2 Model Mugging self defense workshop.

Rear Attack 2 is a 4-hour self defense workshop that addressees the Crime Prevention Pyramid and the emotional and physical problem of crime.

This self defense class covers the different types of violence and how these differences relate to personal protection.

The fighting spirit pertaining to self-protection is enhanced with an understanding of the criminal mentality and the origins of sexual predator motivations.

During this second Rear Attack class, the physical skills needed in defending against different rear grabs are applied to full-force fights against the padded assailant.

Techniques are taught to defend against an assailant attacking in different manners from behind.

Rear Attack 1 is required before taking the Rear Attack 2 workshop.

Workshops 3 & 4: Ground Reversal 1 & 2

Self Defense for Women Ground Techniques

Reversal ground defense techniques are taught to women in Ground Reversal Basic Workshops of Model Mugging self defense classes.

(Ground Reversal 1 should be taken before Ground Reversal 2)

These two Ground Reversal Self Defense Workshops should be taken in succession and are each 4 hours in length.

This is the most important class defining assaults against women that impacts mental preparation and sets the context for how to defend against sexual assault.

Ground Reversal Self Defense 1 & 2 will describe the dynamics of sex crimes and the four phases of a sexual assault related to rapist typologies.

Also covered are alcohol and drug facilitated assaults. Each ground reversal workshop will apply scenario based strategies and techniques against the padded assailant attacking women who are lying or knocked down to prone of supine positions.

Workshop 5: Boundary Setting

Boundary Setting Self Defense Workshop is 3.5 hours. The focus is on boundary setting and conflict de-escalation and addresses the legalities of using force.

Overall, options addressed are related to assaults against women including dating and intimate partner violence. The self defense class concludes with adrenalized boundary setting exercises and full force fights from front against the padded assailant.

You can also contact us about hosting a self defense workshop in your community.

Advanced Self Defense Workshops

Advanced Course Self Defense Workshops dealing with armed and multiple assailants are taught upon demand. Students must be graduates of the Basic Self Defense Course. The Advanced Self Defense course builds upon the skills learned in all five Basic Course Workshops listed above.

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