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Model Mugging Self Defense Training encompasses many elements involving the sciences and social disciplines. It integrates not only martial arts training and crime prevention, but also health, nutrition, and general wellness. Aspects of self defense have a long history pertaining to violence and peace, physical exertion and meditation, with references going back to ancient religions and modern laws. Self defense is a topic for tactics, techniques, and tools.

about self-defense

Student counter attacks padded assailant during self defense fight in Model Mugging self defense class.

Tools may range from developed and improvised weapons to high tech security products. Most of all, self defense is about each person finding personal safety in a hostile and changing world in order to enjoy the bliss in living life. The specialization in self defense for women and the development of martial science is an integration into the Five Principles of Self Defense © and the training spectrum.

The list below contains many aspects about self defense, and includes selecting from personal protection products offered, to types of self defense training. Why Model Mugging Self Defense is addressed with testimonials from graduates, followed by many self defense articles about this Role Model Mastery Self Defense Program.

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Five Principles of Self defense – Self Defense Philosophy

  1. Crime Is an Emotional and Physical Problem
  2. Options
  3. Preparation
  4. Mind-Body-Spirit Are One
  5. Awareness

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