About Us

Instructors have martial arts experience in a variety of styles and disciplines. Some are law enforcement officers, military back ground, counseling, and other specialties. They have studied criminal typologies and have experience attending to survivors of assaults as first and secondary responders.

Male Instructors are trained to wear the body armor safely. They learn the dynamics in which predators operate so they can best help their students during the full contact scenarios. They wear about 50 pounds of protective equipment that is extremely hot and fatiguing so their students can avoid future victimization. They define the warrior spirit in their acts of giving and individual sacrifice.

Female Instructors are crucial to the Model Mugging Training. They are the Role Models for their students to emulate. They never leave their students side and coach each one to personal victory. They are familiar with the equipment and completely understand what their students are going through. After all, they were students themselves but have graduated from multiple classes and Advanced Model Mugging courses. They have exceptional technique and strategy during full contact fighting. They have training in rape crisis advocacy and the myriad of emotions the course raises. Most of all they lead you to the greatest feelings of empowerment any course can offer.

Background Summary on your primary instructor: He has law enforcement experience investigating all types of crime from burglaries, rapes, to homicides. He has taught arrest and control tactics, baton, and self-defense for law enforcement. He has military police experience and developing law enforcement training with the Iraqi Police in Baghdad to include physical security and anti-terrorism measures, criminal analysis, weapons training, patrol techniques, police management, and more. He has training in anti-terrorism, physical security, body guarding, and other specialties. He has taught Model Mugging since 1989. He has a master’s degree in forensic psychology and has studied the subject of sexual assault since the late 1980’s researching thousands of academic articles and received training in criminal typologies as well as the opportunity to interview predators. He has developed body armor improvements for certified Model Mugging Instructors.

Southern California – Los Angeles Based: For over 20 years we have been based out of Los Angeles in beautiful Southern California. We service all areas in So Cal to include Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, and the Inland Empire, San Diego County, and Ventura County. In Northern California we are forming a chapter in San Francisco and Seattle. We have chapters in Dallas and Colorado.

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