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Model Mugging Self Defense® is more than the typical physical self defense course. For 45 years Model Mugging’s comprehensive approach to women’s self defense addresses the needs of the whole being of one’s mind-body-spirit by developing emotional readiness for women to assert themselves, and when necessary, change fear by converting it into positive energy and empowerment.

gentle art of verbal self defense

Model Mugging student sets her boundaries and engages in conflict resolution with the padded assailant.Click here to register for a class near you.

After extensive research we understand that teaching from the perspective of the offender provides more realistic knowledge about and application of self-protection.

Students develop assertiveness and boundary setting by gaining knowledge and understanding of criminal mindset, predator typologies, physiology and biology.

Awareness and mindset evolve naturally through the manner in which we present material and integrate numerous drills and exercises progressively throughout the course.

Acknowledging fear through understanding more about the criminal mindset naturally develops into more effective awareness and a Winner’s Mindset. Paradoxically our instructional process reduces the likelihood of having to actually use their tactical fighting skills, which is the best self defense.

As originators of the padded assailant, which allows students practice striking full force in realistic scenarios. We incorporate reality based self defense and martial science methodologies into our program. Incremental realistic adrenaline stress training is progressively added to facilitate students’ coordination and confidence, so they can fluidly experience reality-based scenarios.

Most Advanced Self Defense Training

By applying The Five Principles of Self Defense©, students learn how to effectively identify and select a full spectrum of options for effective self-protection. Model Mugging is often imitated, but because of our unique approach to self defense, the evolution of our long history, and continuous research is not successfully copied.

women self defense

When the confrontational and aggressive padded assailant fails to back-off, Model Mugging student completes a full-force knee strike to the head as she practices defending herself. Click here to register for a class near you.

We provide the ultimate College Preparation Course for young woman who wish to gain independence by dating, going to college and working. Our 20-hour Basic self defense course is an enriched curriculum designed for teenaged women ages 16 and older. Reviewing our Self defense for Girls web page assists parents in assessing appropriateness of material in relation to daughters’ age and maturity. We can adjust content for specific age and/or maturity of group as needed.

Model Mugging graduates become more aware of their environment, and thus, are better equipped to avoid potentially harmful situations and people; especially abusive personality types. Setting boundaries becomes a natural inclination for most of our graduates. They are better able to de-escalate aggression without using their physical skills.

As criminally minded individuals dominate social orders, violence against women is rapidly escalating around the world. Because the topic of violence is difficult to confront, attending Model Mugging courses with friends helps to aid the inherent supportive foundation that is integrated into our program.

Register for a self defense course near you.

It is powerful for young women to be physically and mentally prepared for the realities of college campus life, and criminal threats. Provide the gift of empowerment – register your daughter for one of our courses before she starts college. Host a course for a group of 10 to 15 students.

More courses are also added upon demand.

We also teach courses for teenage boys in our Men’s course upon group demand.

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