Crime Prevention Lectures and Short Courses

Pick Topics for Your Group

Customized self-defense and crime prevention lectures or shorter self-defense courses are available. Courses and lectures may be designed to fulfill the special needs of your group specified by age, gender, and limited abilities, professional organization, or specified threats/scenarios.

In addition to our self-defense workshops other options are available to assist your group in crime prevention and personal safety.

Crime prevention and safety lectures of any class or group size and duration are available. Classes can be customized to fit your group’s special needs. Below three examples are listed:

  1. Tough Target Lecture
  2. “Hands-Off I’m Special” Seminar
  3. Workplace Violence



  • Unlimited number of students
  • 1 to 4 hours; content can be customized to group needs
  • Build a crime prevention and safety lecture outline from selecting from the topics below:
    • What Is Self Defense?
    • How Much Does Rape Cost?
    • Community and Crime Prevention
    • Five Steps to Crime Prevention
    • General Vehicle Rules
    • Options If Your Car Breaks Down
    • Fight or Flight, Freeze, or Responses
    • Carjacking
    • Valley of Shock
    • Crime Triangle
    • 5 T’s: Five Patterns Found with Attackers
    • Criminal Mentality
    • Going to and from Your Car or House
    • Walking or Jogging
    • Outline Rapist Typologies
    • Victimology – What do criminals look for in victims?
    • How Does a Victim Walk?
    • Safety Precautions While At Home
    • Quick Fix Myth
    • Four General Options Women Have When Confronted by a Rapist
    • Robbery Prevention and ATM Safety
    • Spectrum of Awareness
    • Seven Rules When Confronted by an Assailant
    • Intimate Partner Violence
    • Who Is the Date Rapist?
    • Dating Precautions
    • Ending a Relationship
    • Harden the Target!
    • General Vehicle Rules
    • Walking to Your Car
    • While Driving
    • If Your Car Breaks Down
    • Carjacking
    • Going to and From Car or Home
    • While at Home
    • Tips for the Working Woman
    • Other topics not listed that are specific to your group’s safety


  • 10 Student minimum and 18 maximum
  • 6 hours
    • Mental Attitude
    • Crime Triangle
    • 5 T’s — Five Patterns Found with Attackers
    • Criminal Mentality
    • Quick Fix Myth
    • Freeze Response and the Valley of Shock
    • Spectrum of Awareness
    • Options of what to do and not to do, if assaulted
    • Self Defense Techniques
    • Basic strikes
    • Defense and fight against grab from behind using padded assailant
    • Boundary setting and defense against frontal attack



  • 12 Student minimum and 18 maximum
  • 8- hours
    • Domestic violence
    • Sexual harassment
    • Stalking
    • Frontal defense against a weapon
    • Mob violence
    • Murder in public places
    • Terrorism
    • Workplace safety precautions and individual protective measures
    • Workplace invasion scenario
    • Detecting surveillance
    • Weapons explanations
    • Basic strikes
    • Self defense techniques
    • Basic Strikes
    • Defense and fight against grab from behind using padded assailant
    • Boundary Setting and Defense against frontal attack
    • Defense against a Frontal Attack with a weapon
    • Mass murder Terrorism scenario


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