Colored Key Identifiers

Fast Key Identifiers

Avoid fumbling with your keys when leaving a car, or maneuvering packages when unlocking the door. Consider using textured and colored plastic key wrappings for quicker key recognition and faster entry into buildings, especially when walking to your residence or workplace.

Heat-Shrinking Key Identifier Sleeves

key identifier sleeves

Key identifier sleeves

  • Sleeves are colored heat-shrink plastic. Simply slide the sleeve over the head of the key and apply heat while holding the sleeve in place.
  • The sleeve shrinks to form fit the key head providing a writable surface to identify the keys using a “Sharpie” pen.





Plastic Key Identifier Sleeves

  • Plastic Key Identifier Sleeves come in assorted colors that included: black, white, red, green, purple, yellow, orange, and blue.
  • The sleeves are made of a flexible plastic for easily slipping over the head of the key. it is an easy way to identify your keys.
color key ring identifiers

Color key ring identifiers