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MODEL MUGGING research indicates that over 80% of sexual assaults are preventable when appropriate crime prevention precautions are applied. Both women and men can employ crime prevention steps to reduce chances of becoming a crime victim.

Intra-specie predation is a part of our human evolutionary existence. We live in a violent world that can sometimes limit our daily choices, mobility, and associations. Knowing how violent criminals victimize others and learning how to avoid potentially dangerous situations are critical components of the crime prevention cycle. Model Mugging crime precaution uses an educational method that teaches students about criminal activity, personal safety, crime prevention techniques and tactics that help adjust lifestyles to thwart future criminal predation. Techniques for avoiding danger are the best women self-defense tips.

There are crime prevention steps women and men can take to reduce the chances of being victimized. Generally, women are physically more vulnerable than men, but women may be more perceptive to potential danger than men. In contrast, there are many places of danger men will avoid, and there are also places police officers will not enter without adequate backup.

Crime prevention is about finding personal safety. We live in a violent world and sometimes we must limit our movement and choices to better avoid danger. Applying crime prevention measures may create disappointment and even invoke anger about having to change plans, or have our wishes and immediate goals obstructed. These incidents reinforce the crime prevention maxim that it is to be “better safe, than sorry”.

In her 1973 Denver study on rape, Carolyn Hursch (1977) found in her study that 40% of the rapes reported could have been prevented by simply taking basic crime prevention precautions.

Through more developed and detailed criminal assessment experience, Model Mugging research shows over 80% of sexual assaults may be preventable by applying crime prevention precautions. Graduates from Model Mugging’s Basic Self-Defense Course gain knowledge about criminal tactics that can be used to develop  boundary setting and conflict resolution skills, which can further reduces assault by up to 95%.

Urban Jungle vs. the Tropical Jungle

Crime prevention and personal safety is akin to walking through a dense, humid jungle. Tropical jungles contain many potential dangers. In addition to changing weather conditions and difficult terrain, there are poisonous snakes, plants, bugs, and big predators with which to contend.

Similarly, the concrete jungles of urban life include potential threats, such as robbers, rapists, burglars, con artists, and thieves. Some of the less obvious, but more dangerous urban predators are abusive intimate partners, acquaintance rapists, disgruntled employees, stalkers, terrorists, and deranged killers. As in tropical jungles, survival in an urban jungle requires awareness, knowledge about the nature of its predators, and the tools and ability to protect oneself.

Crime Prevention Strategies

Life involves risk. There are no security hardware or foolproof techniques or that can guarantee protection of property or personal safety. Because we live in a changing world, personal safety is never absolute.

Crime prevention contradictions in strategies may appear in dangerous situations and violent encounters where options may be separated between bad and worse. The best crime prevention process develops ideas and options for safety, but still cannot provide a guarantee to be crime free. Recognizing potential threats and knowing counter measures, makes it difficult for predators to capitalize upon opportunities to compromise you or your property.

There will be times when you are vulnerable to criminal attack, but by acknowledging vulnerability allows you to position yourself in a manner that provides increased safety and more options for extrication from the situation. It is impossible to follow all potential precautions and crime prevention strategies every day.

Paying attention to news stories about criminal behaviors adds more awareness regarding your changing surroundings. Learning proactive measures and new personal safety techniques deters criminals and prevents them from gaining the upper hand, otherwise known as, “hardening the target”.

For criminals lucky enough to get through the layers of crime prevention measures and able to isolate their victims, practical self-defense training covered in our physical personalized instruction list develops realistic options to stop their intentions, often without having to fight.


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