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Self Defense Costs or Fee Structures

How Much Does Self Defense Classes Cost?

Some considerations about the costs of self defense:

  1. How much should self-defense training cost?
  2. Self-defense training is like insurance.
  3. Self-defense training and travel time
  4. Related expenses for offering self-defense training
  5. Self-defense instructor’s training and experience
  6. Compare accurately what you want in self-defense
  7. Model Mugging Tuition
costs of self-defense

Model Mugging graduates say the course was invaluable for them, a life changing experience

1. How Much Should Self Defense Training Cost?

Model Mugging offers a short intense and empowering weekend seminars or half-day/evening workshops. Unlike most conferences and continuing education classes that may have several hundred people attend and cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, Model Mugging courses are conducted in small groups with personalized experiences. How much should self defense training cost becomes subjective and objective.

Self defense training is usually on the lower end of the spectrum when compared to conferences. Also learning self defense online or from a book is unrealistic expectation of effectiveness. Women attending classes find it most empowering to practice their learned skills in an adrenaline experience when learning to protect themselves.

First, consider how much self defense training may cost compared to what it costs for food and housing, sporting and recreational events, insurance, travel, and even cosmetics, clothing apparel, hair styling, and so many other activities and products on the market. No matter what you want to do or learn in everyday endeavors involves specialized instruction of one kind or another.

women self defense

Model Mugging student counter attacks the padded assailant during ground fighting scenario.

2. Self Defense Training Is Like Insurance

Proponents of self defense training consider self-protection preparedness the highest form of personal insurance. Your personal safety insurance improves with better training and experience. Because bad things can happen to good people, self defense training is about being prepared. Avoiding danger, especially preventing crime, can save thousands in medical and counseling costs, as well as lost potential personal income. Being prepared often reduces the chance of ever having to use the skills learned in self defense training.

3. Self Defense Training and Travel Time

The time commitment can be an important factor for many people. Training and travel time should be factored into self defense expense considerations. Traveling to classes over a few years after spending $50 to $100 tuition per month or more for martial arts lessons can exceed thousands of dollars in tuition and travel expenses. Depending upon location and martial art styles, tuition or training fees can vary significantly.

Going back to each person’s assessment of their training objective, some women travel long distances to learn specific skills for their personal needs. Many women have traveled across the United States and across oceans to take Model Mugging courses. Model Mugging offers training substantiated with firsthand extensive research that redefined self defense training back in the 1970s. Model Mugging continues to update the program with current research.

4. Related Expenses for Offering Self Defense Training

The most significant expense for self defense instruction involves labor costs. Associated self defense expenses include equipment and instructors’ teaching credentials that qualify instructors to teach women should be factored into selection considerations. Location and facility rental space is another factor that can impact tuition fees.

5. Self Defense Instructor’s Training and Experience

The quality of self defense instructor training should be an important factor. Instructors can incur thousands of dollars in developing the foundation in preparation to teach a course. Student tuition may be reduced when a high school, college, or public safety department subsidizes the costs required to train instructors and pay their wages to hold courses.

Consider what experience they have teaching the subject you are interested. There are specialties that have evolved in self defense training. Teaching self defense for women involves research, compassion, and dedication that is different than teaching martial arts. Women self defense instructors should also have an understanding of how to work with survivors of assault and PTSD along with creating a supportive environment. Research, training experience, and a qualified instructor team should be considerations especially when taking reality based self defense training.

6. Compare Accurately What You Want in Self Defense

Comparatively, the prices of quick fix items, security alarms, etc. may also cost several hundred dollars. Unlike proper self-defense training, weapons, gismos, and gadets are not with you all the time.

women self defense

Model Mugging student delivers a full force elbow strike to the padded assailant’s face.

With proper training, any item may be used to enhance personal protection from using a pen or hair brush to pepper spray and firearms. Training the person provides greater benefits than buying the item alone.

The tuition for short duration self defense courses can range from donated time of instructors who do not charge for a session to several hundred dollars for a course.

7. Model Mugging Tuition

Model Mugging provides full force experience of striking a padded assailant that is one part of the accelerated teaching methodologies of the program. The padded assailant or mock attacker concept has been one of the most widely copied aspects of other programs that were originally developed by Model Mugging over the decades.

Padded assailant courses offering reality based self defense training are not all alike and should be assessed before committing time and money.

Model Mugging courses are conducted in small groups that amortize the costs of the program while also enhancing the supportive group setting found to be important for women learning and those who have had to use their skills when actually protecting themselves.

In the mid 1980’s Model Mugging instructors raised the tuition to cover operating expenses and instructor compensation. In general, most training seminars on all types of subjects charge several hundred dollars in tuition and do not provide hands on learning experiences. Most specialized seminars also pack several hundred people in attendance without personal interaction with instructor(s). Conversely, Model Mugging keeps classes in small groups.

Model Mugging Self Defense seminars or courses provide reality based training experiences in a small group environment of about fifteen students. Model Mugging programs charge about $20 to $25 per student for each hour of training that covers labor, equipment, space rental, and many administration fees. The $20 to $25 hourly rate is common for many martial arts instruction, however, the martial science training that Model Mugging provides accelerates learning and would amortize the cost to about $6 and 7$ per hour. The training results that Model Mugging achieves in a weekend course substantiates what martial arts take years to do.

Additionally Model Mugging students benefit from over 45 years of applied research and training experience offered by Model Mugging training. There have been many self defense articles published about Model Mugging over the past four decades.

Hosting a self defense course and having Model Mugging instructors come to your location for a group of 10 to 15 can be an economical solution if a certified Model Mugging program is not located near your area.


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