Feminine Empowerment

empowered through self defense

Students celebrating the empowering experiences in supporting of each other in between full force self-defense scenarios.

Empowerment Through Self-Defense

Through Model Mugging self-defense training women find the freedom to experience more empowerment in their lives. After taking the Model Mugging self-defense course it is common for graduates to begin taking steps toward pursuing their dreams.

Empowerment is contagious for those who harness the courage to deal realistically and safely with some of our worst and most terrifying fears. Some of the many empowering experiences graduates may find are listed:

  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem through greater self-acceptance!
  • Improve assertiveness and maintain femininity!
  • Improve relationships with others!
  • Become more physically connected with your body!
  • Break through impasses of prior traumas of abuse!
  • Feel safer to explore and enjoy physical existence!
  • Reduce the fears of being attacked!
  • Develop trust in environmental perceptions!
  • Find more control in your life; create more choices!
  • Improve your impact on your environment and those around you!
  • Interview for jobs more confidently!
  • And in the process, learn to effectively protect yourself as a woman!
empowered fighting

Model Mugging student smiles after feeling success during full force fight scenario.

Improve your life in the time span of just one weekend! For many graduates of the Model Mugging basic self-defense course say it was a life changing experience. Through the basic course women learn to harness the power of the Feminine spirit going well beyond fighting skills.

Empowerment is about giving authority. Model Mugging provides the journey and support for women to achieve empowerment in their lives. Model Mugging is not about gender rivalry, venting anger, or male bashing. The paradox of Feminine Empowerment is that women are the ones who empower men.

When people are more confident with personal space, boundaries, and physical skills, they can enhance their relationships more positively and with more fulfilling interaction. You are never alone on your journey towards empowerment in class. You have a class of supporters with a male and female instructor team.

Model Mugging self-defense can assist you to find the empowerment to improve your life!

A Basic Course graduate stated: “Since taking the class, not a day has gone by that I haven’t found a new layer of inner strength.”


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feminine empowerment

Empowered smiles after women self-defense course from two Model Mugging graduates.

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