Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense

Conflict Resolution Through Self Defense

The gentle art of verbal self defense and conflict resolution or de-escalation is a by-product of having realistic fighting experience. The goal of the Model Mugging women’s self defense course is for women to win without fighting. This goal is often described as the gentle art of verbal self defense, or boundary setting. Model Mugging graduates around the world report using their boundary setting skills and de-escalation skills to defend against rape aggression. Their awareness of environment is also a critical factor in how women can win without fighting.

gentle art of verbal self-defense for women

Gentle art of verbal de-escalation is used in Model Mugging self defense courses to avoid potentially violent encounters.

Overall a person’s ability to negotiate and verbally de-escalate comes from a strong body language position based on fighting experience gained while progressively learning skills in a full force and full impact simulated scenarios. People negotiate every day. Negotiation means: to deal or to bargain, to arrange for or to bring about for discussion, de-escalate conflict, and/or to try to reach an agreement. Applying a supportive environment, the applied skills allow women, especially survivors, to find their voice against aggressive individuals. Students practice setting their boundaries and work toward conflict resolution.

In a combative situation, verbal negotiation is also a method of buying time and learning information we did not know before so we can ultimately make the best choice possible. We can learn information about the rapist or assailant’s background, health, fears, strengths, and ultimately identify his greatest vulnerabilities that will often coincide with his motivations and desires. With more information we can make better decisions.

In some cases, the time for negotiation women face with a rapist or assailant will be on the ground and in the middle of the attack. Negotiation can work to increase options and opportunities to inflict injury and/or to simply escape a rapist, abusive partner, or other type of assailant. Verbal self defense or verbal negotiation also involves patience, de-escalation techniques, flexibility, and creativity.

A critical segment of the Model Mugging Course is de-escalation through verbal negotiation skills. It cannot be emphasized enough that the goal of the course is for women to win without fighting. A significant key attribute of the course is the experience women received from fighting which carries over into their boundary setting and ability to de-escalate a volatile situation.

Most Model Mugging self defense graduates report using their boundary setting and verbal negotiation skills to successfully deescalate situations before the conflict reaches the physical level. This can be seen in a Model Mugging graduates’ body language and how she carries herself. Graduates will have more energy, more bounce, joy in life, and a subtle confidence that shows “my bite is going to be a lot harder than my bark.” Aggressors usually feel the cue and realize this is more woman than they can handle and they move on.

Model Mugging self defense graduates report using boundary setting and verbal negotiation skills to deescalate situations before conflict becomes violent. Fighting is dangerous for anyone who participates, but winning without fighting is safest for all. Graduates have fighting experience, which translates confidence into their boundary setting body language discouraging further predator aggression.


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