Instructor Training Application

Outstanding Instructor Characteristics

1. Dedication to Help Others. Successful instructors are committed to helping others learn how to be safer. It takes a great deal of commitment to teach Model Mugging courses. The commitment to helping and empowering others to protect themselves proves to be the highest reward for instructors. Instructors must have empathy and listening skills to provide emotional support to students who may experience strong feelings of current fear while taking the course that is sometimes compounded from processing past trauma. Instructors should show how they are involved their communities, and how teaching this course fits into their own personal life philosophy.

2. Values. The rewards for doing this dedicated work in helping others, we have found the best instructors possess the warrior values of loyalty, duty, respect, honor, integrity, commitment, courage, and selfless service. These values carry over to instructional teamwork and commitment to helping students become successful in realistically practicing how to protect themselves.

3. Teamwork. We are looking for dedicated instructors seeking to work as part of a team to teach full-force fighting and apply Adrenaline Stress Training. Role Model Mugging classes are taught by a male and female instructor team to ensure safety using the equipment, and develop confidence with the curriculum. The commitment to being a part of a team and desire for personal growth enhances the abilities of our group working to help others protect themselves and make a difference in communities providing crime prevention and personal empowerment services. The power of teamwork is essential and cannot be underestimated.

4. Determination to perfect skills. Instructors should have physical agility, coordination, stamina, teaching, and leadership abilities. Successful instructors possess the dedication to perfect their fighting and teaching skills as they first attend and pass introductory training, apprenticeship, and instructor certification. Candidates need the natural desire to learn the martial science methodologies for full force fighting, follow safety protocols to reduce the risk of injury to self and students that will carry over to leading students to successful accomplishments, especially overcoming fear.

  • Male Instructors must lead scenario based self-defense and provide students with realistic fighting experience while wearing padded equipment so students can safely strike full force. When wearing the protective gear, male instructors will learn to role model various types of “assailants” to effectively train students to respond realistically to better prepare them for a real assault. When not in the protective suit, the male instructor embodies all the positive qualities of a safe male role model. A background in the martial arts is very helpful for teaching and physical role playing.
  • Female Instructors must lead scenario based self-defense while safely assisting students by realistically coaching them during fighting experiences. Female instructors should be in adequate physical coordination and stamina to demonstrate the reality based self-defense fights to lead and coach physical drills and then the fights throughout the course. Female instructors embody all the positive qualities of a safe and confident female role model. A background in martial arts is helpful for coordination and answering questions.

5. Prior Teaching Experience. Prior teaching experience is preferred (even if not related to self-defense) but must have the desire to develop small group leadership skills and lead group facilitating exercises.

6. Personal Growth and Professionalism. Instructors must be team players with a high degree of emotional stability, mental discipline, and self-motivation. To teach Model Mugging successfully, instructors should be able to relate to a wide variety of people, be both a follower and a leader as a member of a team. Openness to personal growth and continuous learning will improve instruction abilities and subject matter, or expertise, and training capabilities that carry over to better performing students when they instruct.


Application for Basic Instructor Certification Training

Application Instructions: Please type or neatly print your answers to the following questions.

When complete, email you application to or mail to:
Model Mugging Self-Defense
1502 Foothill Blvd. #103-202
La Verne, Calif. 91750

On separate pages, please be specific, direct, and thorough as needed.

•  Name:
•  DOB:
•  Phone:
•  Alternate Phone:
•  Address:
•  City:
•  State:
•  Zip Code:
•  Height:
•  Weight:
•  Smoker/Non-Smoker
•  Current Occupation:

List your educational history starting with high school and include the following for each school:
•  Course work and degrees earned and any other relevant training.
•  Name of school and address.
•  Dates of attendance and number of years.

Begin with your most recent job, give an accurate account for the past five years of employment, and include the following for each employer:
•  Employer’s name, address, and telephone number.
•  Supervisor’s telephone number if different.
•  Job title and duties.
•  Dates of Employment and reason for leaving.

•  Branch, MOS, special training schools with dates, and type of discharge.

Describe any martial arts background and include the following:
•  Styles studied and length of time in each style / art, and dates of ranks obtained.
•  Sports played and length of time playing each sport.
•  Teaching, coaching, and work experience related to martial arts and sports.

Describe any counseling training or experience you may have and include the following:
•  Special classes, certificates received, work experience such as domestic violence or rape advocacy training, specify name and address of instruction(s).

Describe any other teaching experience you have had, and include the following:
•  Courses taught; when, where, and course duration.
•  Public speaking experience and acting experience.

•  Languages you speak and rate your level of fluency (some, proficient, bi-lingual).
•  Leadership or volunteer experience.
•  Experience working with violence against women, children, or general crime prevention
•  Other experience such as hobbies, administrative, management, marketing, accounting, computer, journalism, etc.

•  Describe your general physical condition.
•  Describe dates of any major injuries, allergies, or health problems that may affect your participation and how you will overcome the factor(s).
•  After your telephonic interview you are required to complete the Physicians Medical Clearance for Participation.

•  List THREE non-related character references or letters of recommendation. Include their names, addresses, telephone numbers and the nature of your relationship with the recommender.

•  What is your source of referral to Model Mugging Self-Defense?
•  What interested you to the Model Mugging System?
•  Why do you want to become a Model Mugging Self-Defense instructor:
•  What are your short and long term goals?
•  How do you envision Model Mugging assisting you in achieving your goals?
•  Give any further explanations of how you would fulfill the criteria for acceptance to the training / instructor program.


Selected candidates will be required to obtain a physician’s clearance of good health for participation as a Model Mugging Instructor from their doctor.

Selected candidates will be required to consent to a standard background check, which will cost between $50 and $100.


Instructor Training Introduction