Key Self-Defense

The Key

“The Key to Self-Defense”

Key to Self-Defense

The Key resembles a key chain or child’s toy with the above color options.

The Key is a key-chain improvised self-defense devise that does not attract undue attention. At first glance the key appears harmless because it looks like a key chain or small child’s toy that is made from plastic in black, grey, and pink colors.

The Key was constructed as a key-chain to be carried and available to aid in self-defense, without becoming a potential danger to yourself or your loved ones.

The Key was created by martial artist Phil Strenkowski, as an improvement to the original Kubaton design. Using the Key to strike or press into pressure points similar to using the Kubaton, Yawara stick, or SD-1.

The Key as an Improvised Self-Defense Device

As a key-chain, the Key self-defense devise is shaped like a big toy key that is  6″ long and 2″ at it’s widest point. The ergonomic grip of the Key is pre-molded to fit snugly in one hand so it is less likely to slip or slide out of your hand when striking with it. The finger indentations allow for a snug Grip that can compensate for sweating hands from elevated heart rate when naturally in fear of danger, or in warmer temperatures.

key self-defense strikes

Key is used as an improvised self-defense tool striking assailant’s chin or hand.

The two pointed ends allow for strikes (see images right):

    • The bottom point in fist pounding motion.
    • The top point in a sword thrusting motion.

Compared to the Kubaton, the ergonomic shape allows for easier maneuverability to grab the needed key when opening the door.

key self-defense hand positions

Various ways to hold the Key as an improvised self-defense tool.

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Key Self-Defense Considerations

Training how to use the Key will resemble very closely to how to use the Kubaton, Yawara stick or SD-1. The Key has numerous practical applications for personal safety that allows someone to focus on improving available physical self-defense options when threatened.

The biggest challenge when using the Key for self-defense is that unless you practice with it under stress, you may not remember what or how to effectively use the tool in a real attack. Unlike some protection devices, the Through proper training in its use, the Key can be quickly applied against an assailant if you were surprised from an attack

Similar to all other weapons, you need the kubaton in your hands when attacked to be ready for the assailant. Assailants prefer that their victims are not ready when they attack no matter what weapon or gadget you might intend to use if in danger. Other times the Key may be dropped making reliance on the tool precarious.

Unlike the kubaton or Yawara stick that may be illegal in some states and countries, currently the Key is considered a key chain and not a weapon. The Key can be used as an improvised weapon similar to many other household items

Consider using the Key as an improvised self-defense tool instead of the kubaton.

A ‘Key’ to Women’s Self-Defense

The design is smaller than a kubaton, and the finger grooves are closer that allow for a better fit in a woman’s hand for more striking power. For women, it’s shape allows for a better use for women than the kubaton. As in any tool or technique, it is recommended the user practice identifying one’s range of movement and capabilities

Women should receive proper lessons specifically relevant to how women are assaulted, which prompted the development of the Model Mugging program. A short class in Key or kubaton instruction may not address this issue. A martial art application of “how” to use the Key or similar object will also be impractical and unrealistic for most women. Most instructors may not show women how to use it while fighting on the ground. The ground, or lying down, is where women will quickly end up in a real attack.

Conversely, when women have proper training, the Key can inexpensively augment other self-defense skills.

The Model Mugging Basic course provides reality based self-defense (RBSD) training as the original developers of the padded assailant.

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$9.95 – Sold through Key Self-Defense

Key to Self-Defense