Beware of Outdated Self-Defense Methods

Self-Defense Research 

Beware of outdated methods applied to self-defense, especially for women. Unfortunately, there are many self-defense for women programs still teaching impractical methods of self-defense for rape aggression defense or rape escape classes claiming to be well researched.

For example teaching women assume a combative stance and then block a man’s punch as a viable option of protection can be dangerous. Compounding the situation to then fight him standing toe-to-toe exchanging punches and kicks in order to disengage and escape can further be dangerous for women. Such content violates the two basic strategies when protecting yourself from violence, “don’t fight his fight” and “don’t meeting force with force.” Taking a combative stance, clenching a fist, and blading the body violates these two basic self-protection strategies (see picture as an example a one type of combative martial art like stance).

self-defense training not researched

Showing a guarded hand or any clenched fist can be confrontational and counter-productive for women.

Such courses also fail to take into account criminal behavioral patterns while teaching women to protect themselves with methods that are inappropriate to the reality of violence and are contrary to simple research in how women are attacked. Often such programs apply methods used in one set of conditions to a new set of conditions without first analyzing the differences and realities of the new situation/condition.

Studying other women’s self-defense classes and applying what one likes into their program is doing nothing new. The answers to helping women prevent rape are not going to be found in other self-defense classes. The answers are found when studying sex offenders and their work product. This is part of the first principle of Five Principles of Self-Defense ©.

Model Mugging has been called, “Too expensive” or “cost prohibitive.” The question then becomes, “compared to what?” How much should proper training cost? Copycat groups claim to do it cheaper, but the information they provide is not researched, unrealistic, and not as effective. The highest cost in women’s self-defense training is labor costs for the trainers, which are relative.

No one will blow the whistle on the street or keep score of points. Fighting for your life when no officials are present to blow a whistle requires proper and realistic training that is also researched based for no nonsense “street” effectiveness. A single seminar or short course will not establish the level of competency you need against a violent rapist. Quick fix items are mostly ineffective for women to rely upon, and taking a martial art or typical self-defense class is not going to give women the skills necessary to stop real life attacks.

No one can guarantee safety with training or weapons, but Model Mugging Self-defense provides women with the most realistic opportunity to practice protecting themselves applying the padded assailant as a culmination of eastern and western training methodologies.

Model Mugging is the most thoroughly researched self-defense training system that has worked for women. The Model Mugging system teaches martial science applying first source research helping students realistically assess situations and decide what options are best for them to apply in a threatening situation.


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