Men’s Basic Self-Defense

Full Force Fighting for Men

Men’s Model Mugging Self-Defense Course

Model Mugging Self-Defense is the original full force Adrenaline Stress Training program using the padded assailant. Model Mugging applies the Five Principles of Self-Defense© that begins with researching criminal assaults. In the development of our Men’s Course, over 1000 bar and prison fights against men were analyzed.

self-defense for men

Full force self-defense training for men.

Martial Science for Men: Model Mugging applies scientific teaching methodologies that accelerates learning time and reduces class time and expenses. Students are taught skills that are retained as subconscious reflexive memory sometimes simplistically called muscle memory or operant conditioning. Skills are safely practiced full force against our padded assailants who “models” realistic scenarios that accelerate learning to overcome natural fears and enabling long-term retention. The padded assailant is just one aspect of our martial science program designed, which synthesizes many separate specialty fields and professional studies into the mind-body-spirit integration.

For ages 15 and older: Teenagers can build confidence and self-esteem while maintaining a peaceful mindset. Knowing how to fight back decreases the need to fight. This also builds the self-confidence to stop bullying. The best self-defense training is learning how to win without fighting but derived from knowing how to fight. Having knowledge and physical fighting experience significantly increases the efficiency of non-physical solutions to dangerous situations.

knee to the head

Full force fighting allows students to knee and kick the padded assailant to the head.

PTSD: Men suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) have used this training experience to address prior trauma in a positive and life changing manner.

Enhance Martial Arts Training: Our Men’s course enhances martial arts training and also addresses critical thinking, conflict resolution, legalities of self-defense during the gravest extreme of working in the physiological flight or fight state. The men’s self-defense course allows students to practice their skills with full speed and power against unarmed attack standing and on the ground.

Short – Intense – Effective

Men’s Basic Self-Defense Course is offered upon demand by small groups of 12 to 15 and an instructor team will be assembled at a convenient location.

Men’s Course Self-Defense Course References

Author, Dan Millman said, “The Men’s Model Mugging Course is one of the very best and most practical training I’ve ever taken. It turned a rag-tag bunch of guys into a tough, caring, vulnerable, powerful and loving team. I’ve had training in the martial arts, but that does not translate into effective self-defense ability. Yet, because of Model Mugging’s unique and well-founded system of psychological and physical skill development, the training gave us the security of knowing, that if the need ever arises, we’re all fully capable of defending ourselves, our families, and our friends. It’s not just a course about fighting; it’s a warrior’s training for life.” (Dan Millman wrote the best seller, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, The Warrior Athlete, and Secrets of the Peaceful Warrior. Dan was a world champion gymnast and is a superb martial arts and ethics teacher.)

Jerry Robinson, author and president of Health for Life said, “One hears that developing the Warrior Spirit requires years of indoctrination into the martial arts or at the very least, a pilgrimage to the Far East. Not so. Matt Thomas has found a way to develop it in a weekend. Poignant, uplifting, primal, above all, empowering – Model Mugging for Men confronts you with the reality of mortal combat, and teaches you to survive.”

Lt. Col. Jack Cirie (U.S.M.C. retired), Director of Training & Development, SportsMind, Inc. High Performance Human Training. He helped design a new physical and mental conditioning and hand-to-hand combat program for the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret’s).

“Transformation at the deepest level requires at least these events:
1) an experience of safety so as to allow a great risking,
2) an experience of success so as to encourage more risking,
3) acknowledgment that the success comes from one’s own power and nowhere else.

The Model Mugging self-defense program achieves these extraordinary events over and over again.”

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