Neck Roll Pads

Contoured Neck Collars with Tie Down Option

Neck Rolls by Model Mugging Self Defense

Product description
Over the decades, the quality in manufactured sporting equipment has declined so large corporations can fill more replacement orders. Consequently, Model Mugging developed a quality neck roll.  Similar to Model Mugging Self Defense training, these protective neck collars are designed to last. This contoured neck roll design is also referred to as a football neck collar; football neck roll, protective horse collar.

Contoured neck collars with tie down option;  Laces are NOT included.

Created to assist in stabilizing the neck for American football, self-defense, and motorsports. Neck rolls have a 3-point tie down options to the shoulder pads. If you seek to tie this to shoulder pads, we recommend  three separate 40 inch long laces. Due to personal color preferences, LACES are NOT included

All neck collars are made in the same horseshoe shape. The sizes are different in contoured neck roll heights in the back of the horseshoe shape that limits pressure on the front of the throat or the carotid arteries, especially if tied down to the shoulder pads.

Product Details

Material: Made from high density and light weight foam that is easy to clean and maintain. Keep neck collar away from sharp objects.

Height options available starting at 1 inch and increase by 1/2 inch up to 3 inches. Buyer must determine which size is best.

Other colors available, but may delay shipping timeline.

Size options are in neck collar height starting at 1 inch; 1.5; 2; 2.5; and 3 inches. Click here for a comparison of sizing.


1 inch $27.00
1.5 Inches $28.00
2 Inches $29.00
2.5 Inches $30.00
3 Inches $31.00

Black Neck Rolls


White Neck Rolls

Shipping Charges in United States: $8.00
Sales tax applied

Contact us for special equipment orders.

1 Inch Neck Rolls

1 inch neck roll

1 inch neck collar






1 inch neck roll

1.5 Inch Neck Rolls

1.5 inch football neck roll

1.5 inch neck roll

1.5 inch football neck collar

1.5 inch neck collar

1.5 inch neck roll

2 Inch Neck Rolls

2 inch football neck roll

2 inch neck roll

2 inch football neck collar

2 inch neck collar






2 inch neck roll

2.5 Inch Neck Rolls

2.5 inch football neck roll

2.5 inch neck roll

2.5 inch football neck collar

2.5 inch neck collar







WHITE 2.5 Inch Neck Roll is not yet available

3 Inch Neck Rolls

3 inch football neck roll

3 inch neck roll

3 inch football neck collar

3 inch neck collar






3 inch neck roll



Finding the right size neck roll may not be as easy as it looks unless you have all the various models and sizes to try on with shoulder pads and helmet so you can get into common movement positions and feel how impact might be absorbed.

Model Mugging can assist in helping you determine the best neck roll fitting. Comfort and functionality are important.

Sizing Package – You may purchase the different sizes and Model Mugging will refund payments of all sizes that you do not want as long as items are returned undamaged within two weeks per group purchase. Just pay for postage to and from your address, and a $5 labor (handling stocking fee) per group purchase of the various sizes that will be deducted from your refund. You must pay return postage.

Returns after sporting season, if your neck roll is NOT damaged after use, you can return item to Model Mugging for 50% refund and $3 handling fee (sales tax not part of refund). You must pay return postage.


Sizing Assistance Package – All 5 sizes


Shipping Charges in United States: $14.00
Sales tax applied



International Shipping Charge


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