Neck Roll Sizing

Neck Roll Comparison

Selecting the best size of neck roll or collar is a personal preference for each player who must weigh the position with the desired reduction amount of neck exposure. Neck exposure is the area between the helmet and the shoulder pads.

Movement Explanations Terms
• Flexion (chin to chest)
• Extension (eyes to ceiling)
• Rotation (side to side)
• Lateral flexion (ear to shoulder)

Neck roll sizing variables


Model Mugging builds neck rolls to provide options to choose between more bulk and less in reducing neck exposure and increasing neck support between the helmet and shoulder pads.

There are five different neck roll sizes to assist in reducing backward neck extension and some lateral flexion movements to adjust for the amount of desired neck exposure from the bottom of the helmet and the top of the shoulder pads.

If more head movement is desired, a smaller height may meet your needs. Receivers, running backs, and defensive backs may use a smaller sizes compared to linemen or linebackers.

Not shown in the images below, the three point tie down option allows the neck roll to be secured in a position of desired comfort for lateral (side-to-side) flexion and extension (backward) motion. This is sometimes referred to as float because the neck roll can be adjustably anchored on top of the shoulder pads and neck roll.

1 inch neck roll is most often used for youth players.






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