Personal Defense and Crime Prevention

Comprehensive Self-Defense Curriculum

Model Mugging is a comprehensive personal safety program that provides crime prevention and personal self-defense training that is comprised of two parts:

Part I: Academic Crime Prevention and awareness strategies that also take into account the behavioral patterns of criminals, situational recognition, personal behavioral assessment, resource identification, and methods to identify vulnerability and countermeasures that avoid danger.

Part II: Physical Self-defense Training that applies practical and realistic options that develop mental, physical, and emotional aspects of fighting application. Physical skills must include vocalization, assertiveness, boundary setting, negotiation, identifying and using weaknesses and strengths, option selection and application, self-evaluation, realistic physical skill development.

Crime Prevention & Physical Self Defense Training


A program selecting one or the other is not going to be as effective as a combined approach.

Model Mugging intertwines the mental, physical, and emotional aspects with regard to the sensitive issues surrounding violence against women into personal defense classes. Touching all the senses brings the education and training into lasting attitude changes. Crime prevention provides students with the knowledge to recognize danger and avenues of avoiding bad situations all together.

There are certain benefits of the physical course that cannot be obtained by osmosis, reading a book, or watching a video. The System is concerned with life or death issues. A little bit of knowledge can be more dangerous is some cases. Reading a book or others, watching videos, or observing a fighting class, does not fully prepare or teach you the necessary skills needed to be safe in today’s violent world. Students need actual fighting experience and feedback from qualified instructors. Self-confidence is achieved through first hand experience of protecting yourself. There is no substitute for a proper fighting course. Crime is a physical act, defending yourself against crime requires physical practice.

Crime Prevention works because most predators seek the path of least resistance. The harder you make it for them to attack you, the more likely it is that they will pick on someone else. Those who fail to prepare themselves against crime are left behind for the predators to feast upon.


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