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Personal Safety Tips

Statistically, single women are at higher risk of having their personal safety threatened. However, men can benefit from many of the tactics and techniques covered in any of the personal safety sections. Since we should not cower inside our homes to hide from violent crime, personal safety tips can assist in avoiding violent criminals by recognizing their ploys, tricks, and methods of approach, which may be used to avoid being victimized, escape from an impending attack, or apply more effective counter measures.

Generally, predators look for victims that are alone and behave according to their victim criteria. If you appear vulnerable or unaware of criminal tactics, you are more vulnerable to violent criminal acts of robbery, battery, rape, or terrorism. Personal safety tips can make it harder for a criminal to target or attack you or your personal property. Personal security methods begin with knowing what criminals are looking for and then applying methods that have been more effective in stopping their attacks.

Personal safety relates to protection against robbery, rape, and kidnapping. Personal safety tactics and techniques guard against ATM robbery, street robbery, and workplace crimes. Other personal safety tips include avoiding violent crimes revolving around mobile phone crimes, defense against violent purse snatching, shopping safety and safely using elevators and enclosed staircases.

Our upcoming personal safety sections describe how to utilize effective crime prevention precautions in various situations, especially addressing violent crime. Personal safety crime prevention techniques and tactics that enhance safety in everyday situations, such as walking, jogging, running errands, working, and attending school will be posted.

Personal safety tactics intertwine with other related safety precautions covered in our home safety, vehicle safety, and travel safety.

Understanding criminal mindset and personality characteristics are important aspects of avoiding crimes within relationships sections such as acquaintance rapist or abusive personality behavior, or protecting children.

Workplace Violence

Personal protection methods address confronting violent offenders within the workplace, office safety tips, clinic safety for psychologist and medical personnel, safety for realtors, and traveling sales people. Workplace violence safety identifies methods for becoming safer during violent workplace incidents, and public place violence perpetrated by active shooters and bombers. It is important to guard against predators who utilize employment schemes involving monetary fraud, which also sets victims up for robbery and/or rape.

College Safety Tips

College safety tips blend with personal security for students. College women are often very vulnerable, especially their first year of college, because of their natural characteristics of younger age, reduced life experience, dorm life, parties, fraternity and sorority events, night classes, study patterns, parking lots, and work assignments. Defense and personal safety tips are also covered in crimes within relationships needed for awareness and avoidance of abusive personalities.

Predators capitalize on people unfamiliar with their tactics and techniques. Model Mugging personal safety tips are one part of overall crime prevention tips that offer tactics, techniques, and methods taken from crime analysis to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of violent crime.

Personal Safety Self-Defense Products

Personal safety or self-defense products available on the market may provide a degree of personal security. However, the pros and cons of self-defense items, such as firearms, knife, pepper spray, and other personal defense products should be assessed based upon one’s lifestyle and personal capabilities.

Protection devices may be carried in public may provide additional options if attacked such as carrying a Kubaton or mini-flashlight with your keys, or personal noise making alarms.

You can read more on personal self-defense products in weapons, gismos, and gadgets.

Personal Self-Defense

Learning self-defense and practicing skills against the padded assailant is available through Model Mugging Self-Defense classes.

Model Mugging is martial science that involves how to most effectively teach and develop the fighting spirit in students for the commitment to use their personal self-defense skills full force and without inhibition.

Overall, the Model Mugging personal defense and crime prevention sections work best when combined with the Basic self-defense course reduces the odds of being attacked by criminals.

The Basic course teaches students conflict reduction, boundary setting skills and the physical self-defense skill sets necessary for personal protection.



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