Personalized Self Defense Instruction for Women

Personal Self Defense Training

MODEL MUGGING is a system designed for crime prevention, personal safety, physical self-defense, and general wellness. Physical training is conducted in smaller groups, but physical scenarios are also tailored to each person’s capabilities. Training is practiced in a safe and supportive atmosphere apply martial science even when using the padded assailant. The result is an overall transformation of understanding and skills needed for realistic assessment of personal options.

self defense image

Student kicks padded attacker in Model Mugging class.

This system is equivalent to a big puzzle comprised of philosophy, research, strategies, and techniques for decisive and effective protection against crime. The self-defense training program takes women on a scientifically proven journey towards women’s self-defense, empowerment, personal safety, and happier living.

Find the empowerment through the process of Adrenal Stress Training in women’s self-defense. Crime prevention and rape defense lectures along with shorter workshops on a variety of subjects such as workplace and school violence, stalking, domestic violence, child protection from abduction, bullying, and other personal protection topics are available upon request. Lectures can be given to larger audiences. Sometimes physical activities can be taught during these crime prevention lecture settings.

Advance self-defense courses against rapists and assailants armed with weapons and rape defense against gang rape or multiple assailants.

You can host a self-defense course in your community for a group of 10 to 15 students: