Choices in Self-Defense

Considerations for Personal Safety

Today, women have more options to protect themselves than ever before. Self-defense choices ranging from primitive weapons such as sticks and stones to technologically enhanced weapons and proven martially scientific training methodologies. There are many self-defense choices available to enhance personal safety.

Listed below are twelve primary considerations for choices in self defense that may assist you in finding a method that will help you take charge of your personal safety.

Also, crime prevention, should be an important part of personal safety.


supportive self-defense choices

Model Mugging students supporting a classmate who finished her fight with padded assailant.

Assess Your Objectives

Time Commitment for Learning Self-Defense

Defending Your Time and Money

Weapons, Gismos, and Gadgets

Physical Fitness, Fighting, Fun, or Fad

Combative Sports vs. Real Fights

Types of Self-Defense Training

Increasing Self-Defense Options

Male and Female Self-Defense Instructor Team

PTSD and Self-Defense

Personalized Self-Defense