Self Defense Classes for Children

Model Mugging Safety Training for ages 5-11:

  1. An introduction to personal courage;
  2. Becoming our own hero to prevent bullying by conflict resolution;
  3. Developing our voice to establish personal boundaries;
  4. Developing our detective skills to search life for beauty so that danger sticks out in contrast;
  5. Finding and avoiding dangers around the home;
  6. Getting lost, getting found;
  7. Preventing stranger abduction lures by awareness and using our voices;
  8. David and Goliath exercises to prevent abduction using improvised tools;
  9. Drop and roll to learn how to get to the ground safely;
  10. Drop and kick to physically prevent abduction attempts;
  11. Fire drills at home;
  12. Continuing our own Hero’s Journey by living each day with joy and appreciation.

This child safety course is a four hour Parent and Child seminar taught by group request. We prefer ages grouped within three to four year age differences, such as 5 to 8 and 8-11. Closer in ages allow for presentations to be taught at an age appropriate manner for better overall  training.

For parents, understanding how predators dupe people and isolate victims is one of the most effective means for protecting children from danger.


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