Self Defense Classes for Girls: Teaching Girls to Fight Back

How young is old enough to take Model Mugging women’s self defense training?

Parents and close family members wishing to empower their children to identify potential danger, act with confident independence to get to safety, and if necessary know how to physically protect themselves, commonly asked what the recommended minimum age range for the Basic Model Mugging Self Defense course.

We have divided the age groups at 16 and and 12 where self defense course content is adjusted. There is more involved with this subject than simple martial arts skills whereby the mind, body, and emotions must be developed simultaneously. Parents must take into account the mental-emotional maturity and physical development of their child when determining appropriateness. If the child is a survivor of molestation, incest, sexual battery, rape or other violence, should also be considered with the assistance of a psychologist when making the decision for enrollment.

Young women between the ages of 16 and 18 are at a high threat of being raped and targeted for abusive intimate relationships. They have not developed life experience while beginning to independently socialize and date with increasing availability for predators to target them. The violence inflicted upon 14, 15, or 16 year old girls can be similar for any adult woman. Assailants will not adjust their assaults to the age of their victims. Occasionally younger girls are horrifically victimized.

Self Defense for Girls Older Than 16

The basic self defense course presentation is designed for mid to late teens and women; 16 and above. Depending on the age range of the overall group we may adjust the course material for younger teenagers and then recommend they take the basic course for women when they are age 16. However due to personal situations, maturity, and early physical development there are situations that warrant admitting younger teens into the self defense class for women. Younger teens have taken the basic self defense for women course and performed wonderfully. We request a mother, guardian, or other close female adult attend the self defense training with girls who are under 16 years of age. Each parent and teenager must access their comfort and ability levels. Fighting intensity is adjusted to the ability of each student to ensure safety and progressive development of skills.

Understanding the context in which girls-women could be subjected to transfers over to their fighting abilities. We have found teenagers perform quite well with the course explanations that aid in their scenario negotiations and fighting spirit during the full force rape prevention scenarios. High school girls fight back exceptionally well when graduating from the self defense class showing no difference in performance and emotional strength than college age women. The course addresses issues of violence, sexuality, relationships, and strong emotions surrounding the subject or rape, domestic violence, and stalking. There are cases where all of these crimes have also affected teenagers.

Self defense techniques taught are no nonsense fighting skills geared for real world street violence. Overall, conflict avoidance is one of the most significant benefits of the Model Mugging self defense program. Graduates rarely have to use their physical skills. Most often their increased awareness and assertiveness skills carry over to stronger boundaries and reduce the risk of sexual assault.

Boundary setting and verbal de-escalation skills would be taught in a younger teen course so they would be able to recognize danger more clearly and rapidly in order to get to safety without having their fighting skills. Developing their fighting experience in class is what provides the foundational confidence to be proactive with safety and not wait for bad a situation to become worse.

Self Defense for Girls Under 16

If you have a group of ten to fifteen girls who are younger than 16, we can hold an age group specific self defense for girls class and modify the class outline and format according to the maturity and ages of group members. Later they can take the basic self defense for women course. If you have a group of fifteen young teens we can hold a teenage self defense class at a convenient location.

Self Defense for Girls Under 12

For girls under 12 and under we can teach a personal safety class to improve awareness skills to guard against lures and the various strategies used by child molesters and other child predators. If you have a group of ten to fifteen young teens we can hold the self defense class at a convenient location. We can also teach parents the grooming techniques child molesters use to manipulate others to gain access to a child, which simultaneously describes why the “stranger-danger” theme is not effective with protecting children against the most common predators – those whom they already know.

Beginning as children, many girls are targeted for sexual abuse. Girls are sexually victimized more often than boys. Estimates project between 15% and 25% of boys are sexually abused by male and/or female perpetrators.  When taught factually the dangers of molestation, abduction, and other forms of sexual exploitation does not cause excessive fear in youngsters but gives them the knowledge to prevent and counter threats to their personal safety.

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