Self Defense for Women

Considerations for Selecting a Self Defense Course

There are numerous choices for women when selecting a self defense course. Realism is often at the top of the list. Model Mugging self defense is the leader in applied research for training women to protect themselves.

Padded Assailant makes a rear approach of a high school senior who chose to take Model Mugging Self Defense Course before going to college

Padded Assailant makes a rear approach of a young woman who chose to take Model Mugging Self Defense Course before going leaving for college.

Model Mugging began in the summer of 1971 after a woman who had earned her black belt, was unable to defend herself against a sexual predator. There was a gap in practicality and expectations related to personal protection and self defense training. This incident inspired the development of a self defense system based on martial science.

Personal Protection and Self Defense Considerations

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womens self defense

Student fights off a hold against the padded assailant in Model Mugging women’s self defense course.

Studying real crime and comparing it to extensive research will naturally narrowed down a woman’s self defense curriculum and practice methods. Model Mugging was the first to conduct this research and continues to study crime while also finding practical ways to implement updated information into the curriculum for personal protection.

Proper preparation and realistic knowledge go hand in hand. You can learn some methods about avoiding and getting out of danger or rape defense by reading a book or watching a video. But in the end, you must physically train in an environment similar to the situation you want to avoid in the first place.

women self defense kick

Woman’s self defense student practices how to incapacitate an attacker as she kicks the Model Mugging padded assailant.

There are many choices in self defense and options for personal safety and you should base your decision on what is best for you.

Personal experience based on realistic and effective training provides empowerment for women. Your effectiveness in dangerous and stressful situations will depend on how proper and adequate for the conditions you might face from self defense training and crime prevention course.



Model Mugging student assess the padded assailant after her full-force fight during her self defense course.