You Can Do It

The Only Thing To Fear Is Fear Itself!
(President Franklin Roosevelt)

Model Mugging is the SAFEST and most effective self defense program for women. The self defense system is naturally designed around the physical and emotional needs of women and is taught in a supportive designed program.

In the end this course will impact personal safety and awareness in so many areas of women’s’ lives.

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You Can Do It!

The course begins slowly and progressively picks up pace and intensity while women physically and emotionally adapt toward real life street survival. All that is needed is a “can do” attitude and your instructors will guide you on your journey towards empowerment and personal safety.

Age is not an obstacle; our oldest student was 81 years of age. Superb physical conditioning is also not necessary as we have worked with and taught disabled women and blind women self defense. We work with your needs and abilities. Both men and women who were blind have successfully completed the program. Additionally, more than 50% of each class is typically comprised of survivors of sexual assault, child molestation, domestic violence, and stalking.

Generally, people have a tendency to avoid activities and situations they believe exceed their personal coping capabilities, but readily undertake activities and select social environments they judge themselves capable of handling (Betz & Hacket 1986, Bandura 1989).

Those who believe they cannot manage threats will experience higher levels of anxiety arousal while dwelling on their coping deficiencies and perceive more of their environment as being dangerous. Self-doubt in one’s ability to cope can produce substantial increases in distress and impair normal functioning in daily life.

There are many reasons why women take Model Mugging courses worldwide. Some are survivors of rape, child abuse, abusive relationships, currently being stalked, a friend has been assaulted, and others take it as a means of crime prevention. Mothers also take the course with their daughters. Other women are attracted to the empowerment the course provides. For those who have been assaulted it is a chance to change the ending. Each woman benefits in her own special way.

women self-defenseIn his book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell describes the archetype of the hero’s journey in comparative religions and mythology. First the hero/heroine decides not to endure the oppression of the “dragon” but instead decides to fight it. In doing so he/she finds a teacher who will show them the necessary skills to overcome the dragon. The hero/heroine is tested and then goes off to slay the dragon as the rebirth of empowerment.

The Model Mugging course is a supportive designed program to allow each student to partake in his/her own special hero/heroine’s journey. However students have two teachers in class, a male and female instructor. These teachers show each student the skills they need to defeat the assailant/dragon. The skills of each student are tested when the male instructor/teacher becomes the “dragon” they defeat on their journey to finding their own bliss and empowerment.

Los Angeles self-defense Model Mugging graduate, Susan, described the impact of her experiences after taking the Basic self-defense course:

“Fear, excitement, apprehension, anger, aches, pains and ‘PRIDE’ were adjectives describing the mental and physical feelings I experienced while taking the basic self-defense course. My daughter had graduated from this class a few months earlier and raved about how she was glad she had stuck it out. I was fluctuating between traveling 200 miles round trip to learn to defend myself, or stay home, be a couch potato, and watch Cheryl’s tape of her class.

I learned to feel the many emotions one experiences when grabbed and taken to the ground. I lost my breath, my heart pounded in my throat and I was scared! As the class progressed, the only thing that changed when I was attacked, I had lost my fear – it turned to anger and I felt more in control.

During class we practiced hard. Some of us had emotions that surfaced while being attacked in certain ways. Fears and previous personal abuses came to light as we talked at the end of each class. We cheered one another with encouragement. We all needed it and we all got it!

empowerment women self-defenseempowerment women self-defenseI found many reasons for not attending the final class. It was too far to drive; I’m not going to learn anything new in the last class (OH! But I did!); I’m going to be sick; I’ll be embarrassed!

But I went!

Yeah, I was still scared, my heart was pounding in my throat and my hands were sweaty. No I didn’t get pinned and I wasn’t embarrassed. I still have attack dreams and I’m still scared when I walk to work at 5:40 am. But I am much more conscious of my surroundings and very aware. I hope I’ll never need to use what I’ve learned in this class. If I do, I know I have a better chance by fighting scared.




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