Four Common Self-Defense Testimonials

 Self-Defense Testimonials

  1. “Model Mugging changed my life!”
  2. “This was the best and most useful course I took in college.”
  3. “I wish I took this class 20 years ago. I’m sending my daughters.”
  4. “I am a graduate, and I want my daughter (niece) to take the course.”

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There are thousands of Model Mugging graduates who have used their boundary setting and verbal de-escalation skills to successfully stop situations from becoming violent. There are relatively few Model Mugging Self-Defense graduates who have been attacked and used their fighting skills. These women are a true testament to winning without fighting!

self defense test

Padded Assailant ‘trying’ to control Model Mugging student fighting back.

These graduates give the greatest testament to the paradox of self-defense: The more prepared you are to defend yourself the less likely you will ever have to use physical skills for personal protection. Women who know how to recognize and then effectively respond to potentially dangerous situations can get out safely. They apply their boundary setting and verbal conflict resolution skills they practiced in class as a testament to the verbal art of self-defense.

The testimonials of graduates who have found safety from the skills taught in course is the greatest reward given to instructors.

This Self-Defense Course Will Change Your Life!

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Four Common Self Defense Testimonials

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