Self-Defense Instructor Team

Male and Female Self Defense Instructor Team

Self defense instructors will train from their experiences and backgrounds which create variance in any program’s comprehensiveness. Some women’s self defense classes are taught by a female instructor while others will be led by a male instructor. The dynamics of self defense instructor teams presenting information depends on the experiences of the instructors. Every self defense instructor team will be different. The better self defense instructor teams can bounce back and forth, enhancing their partner’s presentation and explanations.

female-male instructor team

A male and female instructor team is working together to assist a Model Mugging Self Defense student during her first reality based self defense scenario while she kicks the male instructor as the padded assailant.

Male and female instructor teams with inter-gender appreciation can better provide more balanced and progressive training classes. Women’s self defense instructors should have a good understanding of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) and how it may positively or negatively impact training, especially when conducting reality based self defense or scenario based self defense training.

Model Mugging has found that female self defense co-instructors are an essential aspect of women’s self defense training. Women self defense instructors role model the proper techniques, while the male instructor role models various assailant behavioral typologies.

Role Model Mastery as described by Albert Bandura, in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (1990) becomes a training accelerator for addressing and overcoming common fears surrounding the topic of violence against women, and improving physical self defense techniques performance.

Male and female self defense instructors should also be able to work together and help students during full force fighting scenarios using the padded assailant. Using different communication cues, female co-instructors can coach and correct student self defense techniques while working with male instructors who are modeling attackers wearing protective body armor. Male instructors are also teaching and working at improving students’ verbal and fighting skills. Instructor teamwork is needed to develop the skills of students, especially those with physical limitations, emotional difficulties, and/or mental blocks under stress, especially during adrenaline stress training.

Together, the self defense instructor team can draw out more full force power and skills in the students. Scenario based self defense training is more than just fighting; it involves working with the individual capabilities of each student to develop and improve their abilities with each training exercise.

Instruction should be balanced between the instructor team, but this can take time for new instructors to develop confidence and fluid presentation skills. Unfortunately, some female-centric self defense instructors or groups have been accused of male bashing while male-centric self defense instructors or groups have been accused of being egotistical and insensitive. There are destructive behaviors in both genders that perpetuate the cycle of violence. Conversely, a male and female instructor team that works well together can demonstrate positive and mutual inter-gender cooperation. For some students, they have never seen men and women working together in a respectful and mutually supportive manner. This can expand one’s experiences on inter-gender relationships.

A good self defense instructor team can also create a learning environment taught with joy and laughter that simultaneously fosters sensitivity toward the topic and prior personal traumas. Male and female self defense instructor teams should work with mutual respect in a cooperative and productive manner that models positive and supportive inter-gender behavior.

Model Mugging self defense is taught with a female and male instructor team that promotes inter-gender appreciation. The weaknesses of one gender are compensated by the strengths of the other gender. Appreciating the complementary differences between men and women allows for greater respect and cooperative support, which accelerates stronger interpersonal relationships and human progression. This mutual appreciation ultimately results in more positive experiences with both genders, especially for those who have experienced trauma inflicted by either gender. Two instructors give balance to students who have questions or need help overcoming difficulties. Two perspectives can also assist in answering questions and assisting students with various questions and concerns.


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