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Five Principles of Women’s Self-Defense ©

There are five principles or rules for women’s self-defense training and crime prevention. The five self-defense principles comprises guidelines that when properly integrated construct the most comprehensive and effective method of self-protection. The Five Principles fit together like a puzzle. A single puzzle piece is disconnected, but when properly placed within the framework of a completed puzzle the combined pieces create a vibrant clearer picture. Likewise, these self-defense principles when joined form a fundamental framework and guiding doctrine that joins with multiple disciplines for decisive protection against crime.

After examining crime from the perspective of the perpetrator in what, how, and why he offends (Principle I), then the most viable options can be developed (Principle II). Time is saved learning how to realistically practice those options applying martial science (Principle III). The mind-body-spirit relationship is injected into effective fighting strategies and tactics practiced in realistic training (Principle IV). Awareness is last step combined with the overall awareness of one’s self, situational environment, and potential criminal suspects (Principle V) to avoid danger all together.

When the components of each principle are properly interlocked, the most comprehensive and effective means are achieved for crime prevention, personal safety, adrenaline state fighting, and general wellness for women.

A full circle must be traveled putting the System’s puzzle pieces together giving the bigger picture more clarity along with and knowledge about how all components interlock with one another. Self-defense for women is best achieved following these five principles:

I. Crime Is an Emotional and Physical Problem
Ii. Options
Iii. Preparation
Iv. Mind-Body-Spirit Are One
V. Awareness

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