Principle Four

Mind, Body and Spirit Are One

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The unification of the mind, body, and spirit is critical when physically applying options that will greatly impact personal safety and self-defense skills. We want to learn to unify our own mind-body-spirit while learning to separate the mind-body-spirit of the assailant in order to decisively defeat him. When the three are unified, they are working together and focused on a common goal. We can learn to unify our mind-body-spirit through both physical and mental training that allows us to deal with intense emotions, especially fear. However when the mind-body-spirit become separated, the bode becomes weak and vulnerable. Vulnerable separation occurs during a distraction such as inner thoughts and emotional desires and feelings, movement, fear, physical pain and injury.

Make personal safety a way of life. Like anything else crime prevention takes conscious effort, but over time it becomes automatic like brushing your teeth, looking in your rear-view mirror and looking over your shoulder to change lanes when driving. After awhile your intuition will give you signals and put self-defense and crime prevention in your conscious mind. Unfortunately, most people don’t start planning until something has already happened to them or someone they know. The need to know is put off until there is a sudden shock or sudden fear that motivates us into action. Life in the 21st century is fast and changing with always something else that needs to get done, but if you are not safe when trying to get your tasks accomplished nothing else is going to matter when suddenly shoved into the zero hour of an assault!

Through proper self-defense training, the “no-thought” state of mind can be transferred into the mind-body relationship, which can be combined with the overall awareness of one’s environment, yourself, and potential assailants.

I. Crime Is an Emotional and Physical Problem
Ii. Options
Iii. Preparation
Iv. Mind-Body-Spirit Are One
V. Awareness

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