Undercover Pockets and Money Belts

Undercover Pockets, Waist Pouches, and Belts 

Various undercover pockets sold on the market can offer visual protection against pickpockets, robbery, electronic pickpocketing, and follow along identity theft. Undercover pockets may be beneficial when traveling, exercising, or general property protection. Some purchase considerations should be:

  • Lifestyle and destinations related to potential threats and the clothing commonly worn;
  • Comfort where carried so the pocket or straps do not brush against and irritate skin thereby becoming a distraction;
  • Realistic concealment that does not show the outlines from pocket;
  • Ease of access related to compromising your hidden location when removing cash, identification, credit cards, etc.


Undercover Bra Pouches

bra pocket

There are several undercover pockets or pouches available to conceal money and credit cards from thieves. Depending on your lifestyle, you should consider ease of access to your valuables without having to “give away” where you are carrying them. However, if keeping your hands free or not carrying a purse as robbery prevention is important, easy access may not be essential.

If you want conceal items other than cash, consideration a bra pouch. Options include snapping the pouch to the bra straps with a hanging pouch, or a clip securing the pouch to one of the straps.

undercover bra pocketBra Stash by Eagle Creek

Satiny smooth lightweight polyester pocket lays flat under more tailored feminine styles. Adjustable straps simply attach to bra straps with a hidden pouch size of 4 1/4 x 3 1/8.


undercover side bra pouchBra Pocket by Maidenform

Secret pocket attaches to your bra for stashing small items. Lace nylon with elastic and polyurethane foam shell fabric is hand washable.


bra money pouchBra Money Pouch by Dbroth

Snap on secret pocket keeps valuables out of sight safely hidden in a white pouch with plastic liner fastens to bra straps. The pouch can hold money, credit cards, keys, and jewelry. The washable pouch measures 4″ x 3″.


pocket braBra Stash Wallet by SilverHooks

The pouch loops around the bra straps with snap closures. Pocket can be placed in the center or either side. Discreet pocket holds cash, keys, and jewelry. Item weighs 3.5 oz and the pocket is 4 1/2″ x 3 1/2″.


sports bra pocketsPocket Bra by Asics

There are 3 mesh stash pockets that provide multiple storage options. Soft 85% Polyester/15% Spandex is paired with compressive fabric and flatlock stitch construction that offers support and comfort.

Although the front pocket should work well for holding a phone or music player, it is not recommended to run and walk in public with ear plugs. Wearing earphones while walking or exercising are distracting and offer more opportunities for criminals to approach by surprise.


Undercover Pouches


Undercover pouches and belts will often lose their location secrecy as the shape of the pouch becomes outlined under the clothing, especially during warmer months. Loose fitting clothing offers the best results with these undercover or hidden pouches, Undercover pouches may be easier to access contents than bra pouches and money belts.

Undercover Neck Wallet by Eagle Creek Travel Gear

undercover neck walletThis silk lining pouch has a 23″ shoulder drop. The pouch is 7.5″ high and 5.25″ wide. This pouch can hold identification items, comfort items, electrical converters, and other travel essentials.


undercover waiste beltWaist Stash by Lewis N. Clark

Made from 100% Nylon that is 3″ high and 10″ wide. There are two zippered compartments with inner mesh pockets and strap that adjusts to 50 inches. The TravelDry fabric quickly moves moisture away from skin and dries fast that may also resists shrinking, odors, and mildew.


Undercover Money Belt by Eagle Creek Travel Gear

undercover money beltMoney belt has two zippered pockets for organization of passport, currency, and itineraries. It has a lightweight nylon ripstop. There is a slip pocket on back for waist strap storage. The material is moisture-wicking and breathable mesh back panel.


Money Belts

Money belts usually have a hidden zipper on the inside of the belt that allows carrying emergency money with concealment.

Leather Travel Money Belt by Belton

leather money beltThe hidden belt pocket should conceal at least 6 bills that must be folded twice lengthwise to 1/3 height to fit into two belt locations. The belt will fit in most belt loops. Inner pocket is 1.5 inch wide money belt with a 14 inch zipper for storing your currency.


Money Belt by Eagle Creek Travel Gear

money beltNylon lining money belt with hidden security pocket zipper. The closure pocket is 1.25″ wide. The cam-style buckle is adjustable with a quick release.


Wallets with Cover

When opening a wallet, thieves can often observe whether the purchaser has more money in their wallet. An additional flap of leather that covers the bills offers more visual protection against robbers and pickpockets assessing their next victim.

Trifold Leather Wallet by Leather Frenzy

A small center flap can better conceal money from unwanted observation when opening it.