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“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”
Charles Colton

Since the mid 1980’s Model Mugging® concepts have been copied by many martial arts groups, other women’s self defense programs, and law enforcement worldwide. Model Mugging was the first full force self defense course developed. The first formally written article about Model Mugging and full force self defense was, “Getting Tough About Rape,” published in Human Behavior Magazine (1978).

women self defense kick

Woman’s self-defense student practices how to incapacitate an attacker as she kicks the Model Mugging padded assailant during a fight scenario.

The revolutionary research and computation of learning dynamics was integrated by Matt Thomas who defined martial science. The protective armor, known as the padded assailant, is the most noticeable characteristic of Model Mugging and the most copied aspect of the self-defense and personal empowerment program. However, there are a multitude of other dynamics that provide students with the life changing experiences. The body armor was a confirmation of the teaching methodologies and research performed prior to teaching the first full force Model Mugging class.

Model Mugging continues to be the leader in first source research in self-defense and personal safety. The updated research and teaching system makes Model Mugging an advanced program in the development for options to help Model Mugging students learning to improve their personal safety and well being. Realistic crime prevention and personal safety pages help readers with methods that can be applied to avoid danger.

model mugging testimonals

Model Mugging graduate supports her fellow students find personal empowerment during a graduation fight against the padded assailant.

The most common testimonial is the life changing transformation process experienced by graduates from Model Mugging Self Defense training courses. We commonly receive numerous requests from graduates who took the course in their 20’s and now what their daughters to experience the freedom of having more options to navigate through the obstacles of daily life. We cannot teach invincibility, but we do offer women the knowledge from which they can more accurately select options best for themselves if confronted with a dangerous situation.

Model Mugging Self Defense Graduates continuously comment how they have enjoyed happier and more fulfilling lives after taking the self-defense course.


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