Assess Your Self-Defense Training Objectives

What Are Your

Personal Objectives for Self-Defense Training?

Defining your self-defense objective can more accurately determine better choices of your self-defense training endeavors. Women chose self-defense classes for a variety of reasons: fun, exercise, fitness, sport, artistic movement, hobby, self-protection, therapeutic healing from sexual assault or an abusive relationship. Many want to learn skills to fight back against criminals and increase available options against harm and associated fears of assault.

personalized self-defense

Padded assailant personalizes a scenario for Model Mugging student during the basic self-defense course.

Others have the personal self-defense objective to combine self-protection with a philosophy of living taught in various styles of martial arts. Martial arts may include self-defense, but there are different styles of martial arts. When considering a martial art for self-defense training, considered how that martial art might fit your personal preference compared your self-defense objectives.

There are others who may select their personal self-defense objective based on an effortless quick fix item from many weapons, gismos, or gadgets to overcome the anxiety and feelings of vulnerability, especially the purchasing of pepper sprayfirearm, or other items, such as a kubaton-like key chain. These require situational factors that give you the time to reach and apply the items. Many people are attacked by surprise, especially women, who often know their assailant. Thereby they will not likely be able to get to their “crutch”. Now what?

The fighting effectiveness against violent crime, especially sexual assault, varies depending upon your objective, lifestyle, beliefs, likes and dislikes. When assessing your objectives, consider the following questions:

  • What is your commitment?
  • What is your assessment of the harsh realities of violence?
  • What is your willingness to use violence for self-preservation?
personalized self-defense

Self-defense instructors can personalize fights toward each students needs, requests, and also teach during the scenarios that enhances student performance.

Defining your self-defense goals and training objectives will help you select the best personal protection training options for your situation, travels, lifestyle, or common potential threats you may face. Model Mugging offers the most comprehensive and versatile training options for women with a curriculum founded on crime research and teaching methodologies.

The protective equipment of the trained padded assailant allows for scenarios to be personalized to enhance each students training objectives. The supportive environment can further enhance confidence and improve self-defense training for women.

You can then better compare your needs with various programs and instructors, especially self-defense for women.


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