Self Defense Training Offered

Personalized Self Defense Instruction

MODEL MUGGING® is a self defense training system designed for crime prevention, personal safety, physical self defense, and general wellness. Self defense training is personalized in small group settings. Although the curriculum is structured in our courses, our training involves personalized instruction as part of the empowerment process.

Basic Self Defense Course

We offer our comprehensive 20 hour Basic self defense course that is normally taught over a single weekend, or it can be spread out over a few weeks in 4 and 5 hour self defense workshops.

Our Basic self defense course is based on applying the research from thousands of crimes against women, academic review, predator interviews, and covers the spectrum of threats women face (criminal mentality, dynamics of crimes against women, phases of an assault, predator typologies, alcohol and drug facilitated sexual assault, boundary setting to reduce conflict, while also teaching defense against the physical threats practicing full force against the padded assailant so we can condition their reflexive responses (some people call this muscle memory). Keep in mind we started the padded assailant training back in 1971 and we are the most copied program. Read more on the Basic Self Defense Course.

Young Teen Self Defense Class

We can also offer classes for young teens from ages 12 to 15 years of age that addresses lures and tactics predators apply against their victims. Students develop physical skills and practice against the padded assailant. Read more on our Young Teen Self Defense Course.

If you have age related questions, read more…

Advance Self Defense Training

Our Advance self defense course addressed self defense against armed and multiple assailants. The Advance Course is for graduates of the Basic course.


More Than Self Defense!

In a supportive designed program, students are taught from a foundation of applied research that developed realistic safety options using martial science.

Progressively taught, Model Mugging uses proven training methodologies that culminate with creating Adrenaline Stress Training scenarios practicing skills against our original created padded assailant equipment, which locks skills into muscle memory.

Students develop skills and options that expand beyond basic self defense and can be applied to many other parts of their lives – work, relationships, and confidence to do new things in life.

self-defense kick

Self-defense student kicks padded attacker in fight during a Model Mugging class.

The Model Mugging Self Defense Advantage

Over 45 years of applied research and experience.

Our maximum class size is 16, which ensures a high teacher to student ratio that achieves the best self defense training available.

To ensure safety, classes are customized to suit the personal needs of each student.

Practice scenarios are individualized to develop each student’s special physical and emotional capabilities and maintain an individual and group supportive setting.

Graduates continuously declare that Model Mugging, “changed my life!”

Call Today and Register for a Workshop Near You!

Call Today and Register for a Workshop Near You!

The Model Mugging Self Defense System

The Model Mugging Self Defense System combined philosophy, research, strategies, and techniques for decisive and effective protection against crime.

This personalized self defense training program takes students on a scientifically proven journey towards self defense, empowerment, personal safety, and happier living.

Find personal empowerment through martial science with one of the facets using the process of Adrenal Stress Training, especially in women’s self defense.

Crime prevention and rape defense lectures along with shorter workshops on a variety of subjects such as workplace and school violence, stalking, domestic violence, child protection from abduction, bullying, and other personal protection topics are available upon request.

The Advanced Self Defense Training provides options against rapists and assailants armed with weapons and rape defense against gang rape or multiple assailants.

You may also host self defense training in your community for a group of 10 to 15 students: Hosting Self Defense Training or a Seminar

What is Model Mugging Self Defense for Women