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Sebastopol Young Teenage Self Defense Class December 19, 2022

Mon, Dec 19 2022 @ 8:00 am - 6:30 pm


Sebastopol Young Teenage Self Defense Class December 19, 2022 

Young Teens Learn Full-Force Self Defense!

The Young Teen Self Defense Class Length is 6 hours of training designed for intermediate ages, usually ages 12 to 15. A children’s program would be too elementary, but they are not ready for our comprehensive Basic self defense course that is recommended age for 16 and above.
Female Self Defense for Women Instructors

Female self defense instructor coach students during each fighting scenario.

This Model Mugging course for young teens covers potential threats and ploys that predators use, de-escalation and conflict resolution, physical skills, and when to use the skills appropriately. The young teenagers will physical practice their learned skills against the padded assailant, which provides students with full force self defense fighting experience. Young teens need realistic experiences to enhance their performance under the stress if they are ever threatened with violent threats, especially from someone they know. They also need to understand the proper context of personal protection and be willing to use the skills when necessary. The combined mind-body-spirit experience Model Mugging self defense training provides naturally develop as empowering process in students.

Turn Fear into Power!

Young teens learn to work with their feelings of fear in naturally fearful situations, but most importantly channel this powerful energy force into action toward safer options. Students will be taught the ploys predators use to manipulate victims into isolation from family, combined with options to evade predator tactics. Defense against grabs, boundary setting, and abduction defense will be practiced.

Students strike full-force to the padded attacker!

Realistic Expectation – The young teen self defense class is not a substitute for our comprehensive Basic course, which is ideal of women 16 and older.

Why Model Mugging is the Best Self Defense System for Women

  • Strike full-force to the padded attacker!
  • Practice with NO Restrictions!
  • Life Changing Experience!
  • Learn to Realistically Fight Back!
  • Use the Power of Fear
  • Apply the Five Principles of Self Defense
  • Decades of Crime Analysis and Research
  • Realistic Options in Adrenalized Conditions
  • Original Full-Force Training System
  • Best equipment allows full-force strikes to padded attacker’s head, groin, etc.
  • Small – Safe – Supportive Class Sizes
  • Personalize Scenarios
  • Short – Intense – Comprehensive
  • Realistic – Options – Empowering
  • Time Efficient and Cost Effective
  • A Life Changing Experience

Young Teen Self Defense Class Details

Location:  Sebastopol – address will be sent after registration

Monday, December 19, 2022

8:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Tuition: $250


Mon, Dec 19 2022
8:00 am - 6:30 pm
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