Short Self Defense Seminar

3-Hour Self Defense Workshop

For anyone age 15 and older (all gender identities welcome)

Join our introductory workshop and feel the thrill, empowerment and joy of:

1. Having OPTIONS if confronted with a threat.
2. Knowing PRECISELY how to use your body and voice for boundary setting & conflict de-escalation (Effective 80% of the time).
3. SAFELY train your body and mind easily and effectively with our full-force self defense fighting scenarios.

You will be guided with clear steps by female/male co-instructor team. In the full force fighting phase of the workshop, your female instructor will serve as your emotional & tactical coach, helping you stay focused and move forward with your body so your muscle memory is conditioned for proper technique. Your male instructor will serve you by wearing protective padded armor, especially designed for safe full-force fighting, and role-play the actions of a realistic assailant.

Students learn boundary setting and conflict de-escalation skills.

Students learn boundary setting and conflict de-escalation skills.

This unique combination of support from our instructor team allows you to begin to build the foundation of skills needed for free flow full-force self defense.
workshop will cover:

1. Five principles of Self Defense
2. Four general options if confronted with a threat
3. Boundary Setting & Conflict De-escalation
4. Full Force fight against frontal attack against the padded assailant.
5. Rear attack defense that also involves learning to defend from the ground against the padded assailant.

Original Full Force Self Defense Program. Model Mugging developed martial science teaching methodologies along with the padded assailant. Model Mugging continues to be updated according to ongoing research in understanding criminal behavior and our nervous system function applied to efficient and effective martial science techniques.

Our training and self defense method is battle-tested from more than 50 years of experience in adrenaline stress training.

Register today and get a feel for Model Mugging empowerment.

***Disclaimer: This workshop is an introduction to the empowering world of what Model Mugging can provide you. For gaining full capacity and efficacy in your self defense skills, we strongly recommend our 20-hour intensive weekend course.

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