Teenage Self-Defense – Ages 12 to 15

Short Self Defense Class for Young Teens

Offered by demand, Model Mugging Self Defense for young teens, ages 12 to 15, is a transitional class that teaches this age group basic physical self defense skills and awareness skills to avoid common threats for personal protection.

If you have a group of fifteen youths, Model Mugging can hold an age group specific self-defense class. We will modify class outline and format according to the maturity and age of group members. When available, see below for classes you may join.

Learn Full-Force Self Defense!

This 8 hour self defense course works well for 8th graders entering high school, and freshman or sophomore high school students.

Unless there are other adult-related factors the child is facing, most young teenage ladies are not ready for the Women’s Basic Self Defense course.

In most cases, teenage girls 16 and older can take the Women’s Basic Self Defense course. Our website page entitled Teaching Girls to Fight Back” can help answer questions about whether your teenage girl is ready for our Women’s Basic Self Defense course.

The Model Mugging women’s Basic self defense course is a longer, more comprehensive two-day empowerment self defense course addresses self defense skills against a single unarmed assailant that deals with both acquaintance and stranger rapists.

Model Mugging’s martial science instructional system is more than learning simple physical self defense skills. The physical portion of this young teen self defense course can be taught rather rapidly along with adrenaline stress training. But personal protection is more about mental and emotional preparation. Just teaching physical self defense skills does not give students the “what to look out for” or better yet “what to avoid”. We promote the avoidance of danger and that requires students become aware of what to recognize in order to avoid the threat.

Self Defense for Young Teens

The young teen self defense class integrates the mind-body-spirit into developing skills for self-protection and avoidance of danger.

  • Physically, students practice full force fights against the padded assailant that include boundary setting by applying the gentle art of verbal self-defense and conflict de-escalation. They will also have numerous full force drills before they practice against the padded assailant.
  • Mentally, we address the tactics predators most often use to lure and then victimize young teens. We focus on both deception and pressure lures that predators and manipulators apply to isolate their victims.
  • Emotionally, we merge the physical and mental into the fighting spirit needed for effective self-protection. When students understand the ploys and tactics, they simultaneously begin to build their fighting spirit.

Though our Teenage Self Defense course is shorter than our Women’s Basic Self Defense course, the dynamics of the Model Mugging system improves teenage self-esteem by teaching girls to fight back. This is the quickest and best self defense teenage girls can experience. Tactics taught to boys work for developing self-confidence, especially for stopping bullying.

Abduction Prevention:

Our self defense class for young teens also addresses techniques for physically stopping abduction. Preventing abduction is one facet of countering the tactics predators use to lure their victims. Our curriculum also deals with more common crime prevention to thwart other tactics predators use.

Young Teen Self Defense Program Length:

In six hours, Model Mugging covers potential threats and ploys that predators use, de-escalation and conflict resolution, physical skills, and when to use the skills appropriately. The young teenagers will physical practice their learned skills against the padded assailant, which provides students with full force self defense fighting experience.

If they are ever threatened with violent threats, students need realistic experiences to enhance their performance under the stress of an attack. They also need to understand the proper context of personal protection and be willing to use the skills when necessary. The combined mind-body-spirit experience Model Mugging self defense training provides naturally develop as an empowering process in students.

Hosting a Young Teen Self Defense Class:

If you would like to host a Young Teens class, at least 15 students are required. For this age group, coed classes can work well.

The Facility of Your Choosing Should Include:

  • Floor covering (no hard surfaces such, as wood or concrete unless inter-locking gymnastic mats are provided). Carpet with padding is acceptable. Depending on location, we can provide inter-locking floor mats.
  • Approximately 45 square feet (15 meters) of open space should be accessible. Ample floor space is required to maneuver freely and safely during training exercises.
  • Additional space to arrange chairs in a semi-circle during presentations is preferable.
  • Windows should have coverings that obscure outside distractions.
  • One unobstructed, light colored wall (preferably white) on which to project PowerPoint and video presentations. Adjustable (dimmable) lighting is ideal. Visual dynamics aid student learning.
  • We can assist you in organizing a young teen class and changeable flyer.


Depending on distance (travel expenses) and facility space rental, tuition for the eight-hour training block is $250 per student.

Mother-Daughter options are also available.

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