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“Extremely empowering… I feel extremely prepared.”
New Model Mugging Graduate

The ORIGINAL Full-Force Adrenaline Stress Training Since 1971


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Change Your Life in a Weekend!


Benefits of Model Mugging Self Defense: The First Adrenaline Stress Training Program


Strike full-force against our padded assailant!

Model Mugging developed Adrenaline Stress Training that prepares your mind, body, and spirit to channel fear into effective energy to incapacitate an assailant.

You will learn how to transform your fear that accompanies an attack into anger and unleash it into empowerment. Learn to use fear positively and productively in life.

Through role model mastery, the Model Mugging program provides the best self defense options to impact Los Angeles. Why the name Model Mugging®?

Full-Force Fighting

Female and male instructor teams work with students to ensure a safe and supportive environment. Our female instructor’s role model and coach students while our male instructors are trained padded assailant models various types of criminal attacks.

Each student engages in realistic, but safe fighting scenarios by striking the padded assailant full throttle and without the limitations and rules governing combative sports. Model Mugging provides a comprehensive curriculum for women that impact Los Angeles self defense options.

This is just one of the many empowering factors designed within our Basic self defense course.

Learn to Win Without Fighting!

win-without-fighting-is-best-self-defenseKnowing how to fight is a critical aspect of self-protection. The best self defense is possessing knowledge, experience and skills to avoid the common conditions that attract assailants to target who they perceive as easier victims.

Very few of our graduates have to defend themselves because they can recognize the tactics criminals use and then move to safety before an assault can start.

Power in Martial Science

Learn Self Defense in a Weekend through Martial Science

We researched thousands of crimes against women, and we also apply proven teaching methodologies that allow students to learn how to protect themselves as we train the mind-body-spirit to respond effectively if assaulted.

This is NOT a martial arts course but instead addresses the dynamics of assaults against women and the specific needs when training women to effectively defend themselves.

Fast and Fierce 2 Day Self Defense Course Description

In two days we teach you how to effectively protect yourself against a single, unarmed assailant.

We train your subconscious mind with simple physical skills while naturally transforming your spirit to commit with the Winner’s Mindset needed for personal safety.

Day One:


  • Foundation for Full Force Self Defense
  • Mindset required for Fighting Back
  • Crime Prevention Pyramid
  • Crime as an Emotional & Physical Problem
  • Application of the Modes of Violence
  • Criminals’ Mindset
  • Origins of Predator Motivation(s)
  • Boundary Setting toward Conflict De-escalation
  • Full Force Fighting against our Padded Assailant (Attacks from Behind Scenarios)

Day Two:


  • Dynamics of Sex Crimes
  • Four Phases of Assault
  • Rapist Typologies
  • Drug Facilitated Sexual Assaults
  • Effective Self Protection Options for Women
  • Self Protection against both Acquaintance and Stranger Rapists
  • The Legalities Related to Defending Yourself
  • Full Force Fighting against our Padded Assailant (Attacks when Lying Down)
  • Physical Skills that Can be Employed if Boundary Setting & Conflict De-escalation are Ineffective
  • Full Force Scenarios against Padded Assailant (Scenarios against Frontal Assaults)

Course Outcomes

  • Model Mugging Self Defense Women 2-Day Basic CourseSuccessfully practice against the padded if attacked standing or knocked to the ground.
  • Psychological preparation that improves the fighting spirit.
  • Explore proven successful options to resolve fears about being attacked.
  • Learn the full spectrum of leverage options in self-protection.
  • Naturally develop effective, free flow fighting skills that become embedded into your body’s long-term memory.
  • Discover what it is like to really hit and kick an attacker – and do it safely.
  • Develop confidence gained from learning skills with practical experience in full force training against a single, unarmed attacker.
  • Learn how to channel your fear into strength.
  • Overall – turn fear into empowerment.
  • Learn how to transform fear into a powerful life tool.
  • You Can Do It!

Women’s Introductory Rear Attack Workshop

Female Self Defense for Women Instructors

Fighting full-force in an adrenaline state.

Our 4-Hour Introductory Rear Attack Workshop develops the foundation for fighting full force in an adrenaline state. The workshop creates the mindset for fighting and overcoming inhibitions about realistic self-protection​

The Introductory Rear Attack Workshop is the first part of our Self Defense Training Class Weekend and concludes at lunch break.

The Model Mugging Self Defense Advantage

  • Model Mugging Self Defense WomenOver 45 years of applied research and experience in providing empowerment self defense training.
  • Our maximum class size is 16 students ensures a high teacher to student ratio with individual and group supportive settings.
  • Our specially trained padded assailant allows for safe, realistic, full impact self defense personalized scenarios.
  • Scenarios are individualized to every student’s special physical and emotional capabilities that maintain.
  • Our classes are customized to suit the personal needs and safety of each student.
  • Our comprehensive rape prevention program addresses issues related to intimate partner abuse and dating violence.
  • Learn to overcome this emotionally intense topic – violence against women.
  • Learn to use your strengths against an assailant’s mental and physical weaknesses, and how to solve personal safety concerns related to fears about being attacked, street crimes, dating violence, and intimate partner violence.

Decades after taking the Model Mugging Self Defense course, graduates have repeatedly stated how they learned to effectively channel fear and change the direction of their lives!

Model Mugging provides experiences that impact Los Angeles women (and surrounding counties) with empowerment through self defense.

Graduate Testimonials continuously declare that Model Mugging, “changed my life!”

Model Mugging Self Defense Women 2-Day Basic Course

Graduation Demonstration

Come support our class of new graduates during the last hour of their class.

Unsure about taking the course, come see how fast and fierce our graduates transform fear in such a short time.

Model Mugging Women Circle of Support

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