Time Commitment for Learning Self-Defense

Self-Defense Training Time

How much time do you wish to devote? A program with the goal of achieving a black belt requires the self-disciplined time commitment that takes years of training 2 to 3 times per week for an hour or two per lesson with more time spent at home practicing. Most women do not want to dedicate 2 hours a lesson for a few years toward achieving a black belt or other martial art fighting efficiency.

Other options involve short courses which vary in length. Many short self-defense classes involve a 1 to 3 hour class that can only preview skills and awareness rather than build proficiency. Others require 10 to 30 hours over the course of several weeks.

self defense grabbing kicks

Padded assailant trying to grab legs and arms of student during weekend Model Mugging self-defense course.

Model Mugging applies synchronized teaching methodologies in 4-hour workshops spread over several weeks or a full-force basic self-defense course condensed into a weekend. The weekend course is most popular for many women.

Model Mugging equips students with martial proficiency for common assaults against women. However, martial arts allow for more time to work on variables, specific technique fundamentals and mechanical details that are not attainable within the time confines of a Model Mugging course. However, Model Mugging offers a comprehensive and concise self defense program that applies the Five Principles of Self Defense and many other factors into the course, especially self defense for women.

Advantageously, Model Mugging teaches what women need based on research and then applies the material to coordinated and progressive full-force reality-based self-defense (RBSD) scenarios, which Model Mugging started in 1971. Essentially, Model Mugging self-defense training saves time and ultimately expenses.

Self-defense time commitment may be spent mastering martial art skills that may not be feasible during the conditions of a real assault. Additionally, while a short course may not cover realistic conditions and variables commonly imposed by an attacker, especially sex offenders. Model Mugging originated from the limitations of the martial arts for providing street appropriate skills for women.

Model Mugging also applies scientific teaching methodologies that can accelerate learning time and reduce class time. Students are taught skills that are retained as subconscious reflexive memory. This is sometimes called muscle memory or operant conditioning, which is a simplistic description of the martial science process occurring during a Model Mugging self-defense course.

Assess your training objectives, which will help you narrow down appropriate your options for you.

Also consider your how you might defend your time and money when assessing self defense options, such as traveling, equipment, and other costs.


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