Travel Safety

Travel Safety Tips

Before leaving on vacation or trips, travel safety builds upon other crime prevention precautions such as home safety, vehicle safety, and personal safety tips vehicle safety, and . Travel safety begins with planning and pre-arrangements before leaving town. Numerous things to consider when planning the trip itinerary include travel preparation tips to better protect your home and valuables while gone and travel safety planning to enhance your personal safety during transit, stopping, and while sightseeing.

Travel Tips for Women

Threats while traveling can devastate even the best planned vacation or short trip. Becoming a target increases if predators sense their potential victims are unfamiliar with the area, or from another country. Considerations that should be addressed prior to leaving and while traveling involves securing your home, coordinating with neighbors, and getting documentations prepared. For women, travel safety is especially crucial. Women’s travel tips and safety precautions provide suggestions for when targeted for sexual assault, kidnapping, and other crimes. There are also considerations before reporting a crime, especially in a foreign country.

Travel Safety Tips

Ensuring safer travels whether traveling alone or with a partner, on vacation or on business, travel safety considerations and techniques are covered, especially while visiting unfamiliar cities and foreign countries. In addition to vehicle safety tips when visiting foreign countries, there are personal safety precautions for sightseeing and tourism that should be considered. During the good times of being captivated by the joy of the trip, there are methods to remain safety conscious while traveling on public transit using subways or buses, and taxis, finding your destination, dining, shopping, asking for help, enjoying your destination.

Lodging precautions begin by selecting hotel room and parking while assessing for the best options if suddenly threatened. There are precautions that can be taken to increase personal security while staying in a hotels or motels and protecting your valuables. Additionally, there are precautions that can be taken to improve recreation safety and also cruise ship safety, especially for women. Tactics for safe living in a foreign country to guard against terrorism, and crime in general.

Traveling Self Defense Weapons

Packing a traveling self defense weapons to take with you must be researched and considered before placing them into your check-in luggage. The pros and cons of each self defense weapon or gadget as a quick fix device to travel safety should be considered beforehand.

Some of the quick fix items are often pepper spray, kubatons, and sometimes firearms.

Every state, province, and country has different laws and restrictions about tourists or business people traveling with self defense weapons, so full consideration should be given before traveling with self defense weapons, Ignorance of another state, province, or country’s laws do not grant travelers leniency.

Self Defense Before Traveling

If traveling abroad, especially traveling solo or leaving home for college, the optimum time for parents to enroll their daughters in a Model Mugging Basic self defense course is during their last year of high school. They should not wait until summer or the week before they are traveling. Unfortunately, the perception of self-defense training is showing up for a couple hours of lessons and leaving with a skill set. This is false assumption of the reality of crime, especially crimes against women.

Although Model Mugging is a short self defense course, it has a structured martial science curriculum that maximizes time and provides the needed context to perform under the stress of a real assault. Model Mugging training naturally increases student awareness and teaches precautions for personal safety that a graduate takes everywhere they travel, especially when traveling across town or residing in a foreign country.

Again, it is recommended that parents enroll their daughters in the Basic self defense course during the school year and not wait until mid to late summer when classes are full or dates course dates to match up with other summer events. If traveling to more remote areas of the world, taking the Advanced course would enhance self-confidence to better avoid or respond to higher levels of danger with a higher level of option selection if personal safety is threatened.



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