Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Safety Tips

Auto safety tips addresses multiple crime prevention tactics on how to be safe while walking to or exiting your vehicle. Sensing a nefarious presence or having the feeling of being watched and targeted is frightening. There are safety related personal safety tactics that can be applied in and around one’s vehicles that take into account location, angles, and options if suddenly threatened. Noticing that you are followed while driving or having your car break down in unfamiliar surroundings can also provoke fear.

Auto Safety Tips and Violent Crime

Driving precautions and vehicle safety strategies can improve personal protection related to vehicle safety to guard against sexual assault and robbery in and around vehicles, especially in parking lots and parking garages. Sometimes women are kidnapped when stopping their vehicle, getting out, or near their vehicle. Vehicle safety and personal safety may involve defensive options against attacks by both stranger and acquaintance rapists.

Other times, victims are kidnapped and transported to another crime scene where they are sexually assaulted and/or killed. There are car safety tips for driving alone long distances, making short stops, and advantageous considerations when parking, and strategies and tactics when loading or unloading your vehicle. Evasive driving tactics can assist you in providing options to escape from a sudden dangerous situation. Auto safety often interrelates with strategies for improving travel safety.

Vehicle safety tips will develop options for thwarting criminals who engage in carjacking, kidnapping or terrorist attacks in and around vehicles. The approaches and tactics these vehicle offenders use are described in this crime prevention section. There are five options for dealing with a carjacker or kidnapper that are evaluated with pros and cons for employing each. There are additional tactics that can be employed against criminals engaging in vehicle shootings or freeway shooters. Other vehicle crime prevention strategies address road rage situations. Suggestions if pulled over by the police and dealing with a police impersonator are addressed as well as defensive driving techniques.

Vehicle Security

In most cities auto burglary and auto theft are common everyday threats, especially at night. Considerations are covered for how to protect your vehicle from theft, evaluating vehicle security accessories and equipment, compared to effectiveness and one’s budget.

There are precautionary considerations to take during traffic accidents when needing to exchange insurance information and guarding against the threat of violent vehicle crimes. Awareness about the threat of auto insurance scams, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as well as car maintenance tips for women will be covered in forth coming postings.


Vehicle Safety Tips:

Walking to Your Vehicle


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