What is Model Mugging?

Turn Fear into Power
Empowered by Self Defense Training for Women

Model Mugging is the original, full-force, self defense program based on martial science and as close to realism as safely possible, Adrenaline Stress Training. Students learn how to harness the power of fear, find their courage to become their own heroines, not only in class, but apply the lessons learned in everyday life.

Realistic Full Force Self Defense Training for Women Since 1971

Model Mugging applies many dynamics in modern teaching methodologies from Stanford and Harvard, criminal analysis, and the synergy of many different sciences, disciplines, and specialties into a comprehensive personal safety program.


The self defense program is taught in a small supportive group environment where students learn how to turn fear into a powerful tool to find their inner heroine, by learning effective personal safety.

We have many courageous survivors from all types of trauma, take this self defense course. Trauma survivors grow as part of a supportive designed program.

We accelerate learning and teach a wide range of realistic options for personal safety.

There are many options available to solve the problem of crime. There is more to self defense than physical moves. Understanding the dynamics of violent crime can better lead to recognizing danger to avoid assaults entirely, prevent most verbal assaults from escalating into physical assaults, or use mental strategies to find and create openings during physical assaults, in order to overcome physically stronger assailants.

The Model Mugging System applies the Five Principles of Self Defense©.

Realistic Full Force Self Defense Training for Women


What Model Mugging Is NOT:

Not a copycat or imitation program where realism is diluted, safety suffers and content is distorted. Similarly, a photocopy of a copy of a copy of a copy, loses clarity and critical details.

Not a research project on other self defense programs, but is the most copied self defense program.

Not “my favorite martial arts moves” or style and called a self defense course.

Not a martial “art”, but can supplement martial arts training.

Not just involve sparring with protective padded assailant armor, because there is more to Adrenaline Stress Training than a teacher putting on a protective suit of body armor.

Not a perpetuation of myths and misnomers about personal safety.


Comprehensive Self Defense Program


Since 1971, this martial science self defense system has developed into a short, effective, full-speed, full-force, fighting and crime prevention course specifically designed for the special needs of women. The following links provide some of the many facets of what makes the Model Mugging Self Defense program different:

Model Mugging provides students with a realistic assessment of viable options for personal safety. Skills are safely practiced at a level for each student’s capabilities and success.

Graduates state, “This course changed my life!” as the most common testimonial about the Model Mugging Self Defense course.


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