Why Model Mugging Self Defense?

Violence against women is a crime against society!

Safeguard yourself!

Parents, safeguard your daughters going off to college by giving them a gift of personal awareness and safety that they can apply all their lives!

Survivors of violence, change the ending into an empowered life!

What Makes The Model Mugging® Program Different?

Model Mugging Self Defense provides students the greatest impact in personal safety and overcoming personal fears of being assaulted through role model mastery. Many self defense courses are simply comprised of a group of techniques without continuity between techniques, strategy, and the reality of effectiveness for women.

Why the Name – Model Mugging®?

rape defense eye strike

Rape defense eye strike applied full force during Model Mugging Self Defense course.

In the 1971, Model Mugging founder Matt Thomas originally called the program “Role Model Rape Prevention” based Role Model Mastery work by psychologist Albert Bandura’s mechanisms governing empowerment teaching people how to overcome fear of snakes, flying, etc. Matt applied these principles in helping women overcome the fear of rape through rape defense.

While Matt developed the Model Mugging self defense curriculum, he was student of Bandura. Almost 20 years later, Elizabeth Ozer and Albert Bandura conducted a personal empowerment over physical threats experiment with women applying the role Model Mugging mastery program.

However, during classes, the students called him the “Mugger” when wearing his Padded Assailant during full force scenarios. Students found calling the man in the suit, “the mugger”, was psychologically less threatening. Matt changed the name to “Role Model Mugging”, which was later shortened to “Model Mugging” in 1973.

Course content and instruction are modeled upon practical and proven methods for how women can successfully defend themselves against common assault scenarios, thus the brand name Model Mugging®.

The program is taught by a female and male instructor team. The female instructor models the transformation of fear into empowerment while the male instructor when wearing the padded suit will model assailants providing students experience in practicing more realistic options.

Realistic Self Defense

Instruction is based on modeling the stark realism of what happens when muggers actually assault women so that the training closely mirrors reality.

The curriculum is progressive that culminates into full speed, full contact, and the full spectrum of options.

The course is modeled on data that captured how women are actually assaulted and then authentically simulates these scenarios, which is constantly updated.

No advance martial arts training required and surprisingly easy and safe. Even if you haven’t taken martial-arts training, kick-boxing classes, or even if you are not particularly athletic or don’t participate in sports, it doesn’t matter. This class is for you and if you take it, you will be changed for good.

Self Defense in a Weekend

The course conveniently fits easily into any individual’s or family’s time-constrained and busy lifestyle.

It may be available on weekends or in short 5-hour modules capable of being taught in locations close to where you live for those wanting to Hosting a Course

The best self defense training for women created by experts successively training thousands of women conveniently available and surprisingly affordable.

Women who’ve taken this class rave about how the methods touch them in ways that change their lives immediately.  Heartwarming and touching Personal Testimonials prove its amazing life-saving effectiveness in defeating attacks, sometimes even long after the course is taken.

Taught in small groups maintains personalized instruction while keeping it affordable, especially by any family sending a daughter to college.

Self Defense Designed for Women

Model Mugging is the original Adrenaline Stress Training course, established from crime analysis, and organized upon Five Principles of Self-Defense©.

The Model Mugging curriculum is founded on researching thousands of crimes, review of academic literature, martial arts, and decades of experience conducting reality based self defense scenarios.

Model Mugging programs are specifically designed for the special needs of women. Since 1971, this martial science self defense system has developed into a short effective full force fighting and crime prevention course. The following links provide some of the many facets of the Model Mugging Self Defense program:

model mugging self-defense

Student taking the Model Mugging Basic self defense course.

Self Defense Classes

In just one weekend, Model Mugging Basic Self Defense Course provides crime prevention education and the actual fighting experience that is needed to successfully defend oneself against a single unarmed assailant. Self Defense Workshops are also available.

Another weekend of self defense training involves the Advanced course that addresses options against an armed assailant and multiple assailants.

Self Defense Training Options