Why the Name – Model Mugging?

How Did Model Mugging® Get Its Name?

In 1971, Model Mugging founder Matt Thomas originally called the program “Role Model Rape Prevention” based Role Model Mastery work by psychologist Albert Bandura’s mechanisms governing empowerment teaching people how to overcome fear of snakes, flying, etc. Matt applied these principles in helping women overcome the fear of rape through rape defense.

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Student Kicks Padded Attacker in Model Mugging Class

While Matt developed the Model Mugging self defense curriculum, he was student of Bandura. Almost 20 years later, Elizabeth Ozer and Albert Bandura conducted a personal empowerment over physical threats experiment with women applying the role Model Mugging mastery program (for the full article in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology – 1990: “Mechanisms Governing Empowerment Effects”).

However, during classes, the students called him the “Mugger” when wearing his Padded Assailant during full force scenarios. Students found calling the man in the suit “the mugger” was psychologically less threatening. Matt changed the name to “Role Model Mugging”, which was later shortened to “Model Mugging” in 1973.

Modeling Empowerment through Self Defense

Course content and instruction are modeled upon practical and proven methods for how women can successfully defend themselves against common assault scenarios, thus the brand name Model Mugging® formed. Many self defense articles have been published on this revolutionary training concept.

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Padded Assailant trying to control self-defense student at the beginning of the fight.

The program is taught by a female and male instructor team. The female instructor models the transformation of fear into empowerment while the male instructor when wearing the padded suit will model assailants providing students experience in practicing more realistic options.

The evolution of martial science allows students to learn quickly and effectively with long term muscle memory from graduates who have used their skills physically, or in most cases, avoided danger with the increased awareness developed from taking the course.

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Model Mugging provides students with a realistic assessment of viable options for personal safety. Skills are safely practiced at a level for each student’s capabilities and success.

Graduates state, “This course changed my life!” as the most common testimonial about the Model Mugging Self Defense course.